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DepEd creates 2 child protection units. Jan 22, 2021 594
Achieving Improved Child and Family Well-Being Through Prevention: A Call for System Adaptation. Weiner, Dana Oct 1, 2020 1592
CCWIS, COVID-19, and Beyond: Leveraging Technology for Emergency Response. Hamlin, Edward Oct 1, 2020 998
A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY: Creating a 21st Century Legacy Toward Thriving Families: A Conversation with Tracy Wareing Evans and Michael Fraser. Evans, Tracy Wareing; Fraser, Michael Interview Oct 1, 2020 2496
Alcohol Taxation and Child Maltreatment. McLaughlin, Michael Jun 22, 2019 10471
The Case for "Community-Centered" Design. Evans, Tracy Wareing Conference notes Jun 1, 2019 939
Can Big Data Help Save Abused Kids? Oct 1, 2018 7819
Why Child Abuse like the Turpin Family Horrors Is So Hard to Prevent or Halt: Los Angeles Times, February 6, 2018. Reprint Oct 1, 2018 1062
Jeff Anderson's firm to fund law school's Zero Abuse Project. Roewe, Brian Oct 20, 2017 397
How to report child abuse as a member of the military . Feb 1, 2017 1173
Signs of child abuse. Feb 1, 2017 812
Lawyer takes on children's life-and-death issues. McCarthy, Colman May 6, 2016 798
Flames alumni support work done at Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre. Narine, Shari Brief article Feb 1, 2016 111
New Mexico nurses and child abuse prevention. Lopez-Bushnell, Kathy Report Jan 1, 2016 1668
Vatican approves statutes for papal commission for protecting minors. May 22, 2015 417
Assessment of child abuse at ground and grassroot level: a KAP study among anganwadi workers and auxiliary nurse midwives in Bangalore. Saxena, Yash; Nanjundappa, Vijayakumar; Sreedhar, Shobha; Reddy, Chaitanaya Report May 1, 2015 3716
WAVE Trust National Wings Day. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 102
Preventing a child maltreatment epidemic. Naughton, Louise Oct 1, 2014 2219
Policy makers should 're-think' GPs' safeguarding role. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 289
Working with children checks--time to step back? Tilbury, Clare Report Apr 24, 2014 5911
School Nurse 121 campaign. Godson, Rosalind Dec 1, 2013 997
Protection children from exploitation. Tsitsis, N.; Chrysomallis, M.; Kourkouta, L. Report Dec 1, 2013 3567
Will guidelines really protect children? Head, Marilyn Oct 1, 2013 478
The president comments. Guy, Marion Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2013 578
Safeguarding roles need to be updated for social media age. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 160
Violence against women with disabilities: it may have started in childhood: "there are reports ... that children with disabilities are four to 10 times more likely to be abused than children without disabilities." "unfortunately, the 'dirty secret' about abuse of children with disabilities is all too true.". Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P. May 1, 2013 1670
Doctors and nurses to help protect vulnerable children. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 319
Child abuse and the church: a call for prevention, treatment, and training. Vieth, Victor I.; Tchividjia, Basyle J.; Walker, Donald F.; Knodel, Katlin R. Essay Dec 22, 2012 9018
Agony in silence: child abuse perpetrated by teachers in selected higher education institutions. Fernandez, Hermenegilda C. Report Dec 1, 2012 6309
Child social protection services at urban level in Romania. Androniceanu, Armenia Report Nov 1, 2012 4355
Youngsters will show signs of victimization. Dec 1, 2011 470
Clergy abuse meeting set. Brief article Jun 24, 2011 173
Child abuse prevention program wins NACHRI award--a journey. O'Flynn, Justine May 1, 2011 1350
The Child and Family Leadership Exchange. Kelley, Gerald Jan 1, 2011 1659
War against child predation escalates. Aug 3, 2010 1108
Assessing the consequences for children and families when a parent has a problem with substance use and abuse: considerations for social workers and other helping professionals. Kimberley, Dennis Report Mar 22, 2010 9873
The Duke Endowment child abuse prevention initiative. Daro, Deborah; Huang, Lee Ann; English, Brianna; Hall, Chapin Brief article Dec 1, 2009 240
Advocate, caregiver for the abused. Justin, Renate G. Viewpoint essay Aug 1, 2009 1408
Difficult economic times prove value of multidisciplinary approaches to resolve child abuse. Giles, Robert H. Jul 1, 2009 2408
Domestic violence: a risk factor to child abuse in Pakistan. Malik, Farah; Rizvi, Farwa Report Jun 22, 2009 8320
Child abuse and neglect prevention: is more than a funding stream. Hmurovich, Jim Jun 1, 2009 1476
Preventing child maltreatment through public health. Arias, Ileana Jun 1, 2009 1269
Referendum poses risk to child discipline law: two Plunket employees argue that a "yes" vote in the upcoming referendum on the child discipline law will be a a vote for positive parenting and children's safety. Banks, Liz; Kern, Cathy Jun 1, 2009 1130
A place where it is not okay to hit children: the role of professionals. Lawrence, Julie; Smith, Anne Report Apr 1, 2009 5518
Breastfeeding may protect against maternal child abuse. Report Mar 1, 2009 228
Rebuild the Nation's Child Welfare System. Issue Brief. Report Jan 1, 2009 351
A new way of thinking about child abuse and neglect prevention. Hmurovich, Jim Dec 1, 2008 818
Protecting children and strengthening families. Hutson, Rutledge Q. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 166
Prevention of physical child abuse: concept, evidence and practice. Coles, Lisa Jun 1, 2008 4682
Cartoonists Team Up to Fight Child Abuse. Brief article Apr 17, 2008 213
Pediatric Nursing salutes exemplary nurse editor Annette Flanagin. Catlin, Anita J. Editorial Mar 1, 2008 1422
Early Childhood Intervention Programs: opportunities and challenges for preventing child maltreatment. Asawa, Lindsay E.; Hansen, David J.; Flood, Mary Fran Report Feb 1, 2008 13591
A response to the Federal Government's intervention in the NT. Havnen, Olga Dec 22, 2007 2267
Don't hide when the news turns ugly. Sisco, Carol Sep 1, 2007 820
Supporting school professionals through the establishment of a school district policy on child maltreatment. Domrowski, Stefan C.; Gischlar, Karen L. Dec 22, 2006 3973
WHO issues guide on child violence. Brief article Oct 23, 2006 214
The curriculum: confronting neglect and abuse. MacBlain, Martin Jun 22, 2006 2742
Calif. County gets high marks in care of abused children. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 293
Iowa hails drop in repeat child abuse cases. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 168
National child abuse prevention month--April 2006. Apr 7, 2006 423
Nashville religious education programs to teach child safety. Telli, Andy Apr 7, 2006 545
Nurses have hearts for children. Barros, Susan Apr 1, 2006 358
Mad, bad or sad? Ideology, distorted communication and child abuse prevention. Sinclair, Tom Sep 1, 2005 8075
Early Childhood Educators and Child Abuse Prevention: NAEYC's Perspective, Research Findings, and Future Actions. Maril Olson and Marilou Hyson. Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 203
What is paedophilia? Mar 1, 2005 699
Project baby care: a parental training program for students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (EBD). Harris-Looby, Judy Dec 22, 2004 2402
When and how to intervene in family violence: FPs are in 'a unique position to provide effective intervention' in partner, child, and elder abuse. Wood, Debra Dec 15, 2004 1138
The role of CSHPs in preventing child abuse and neglect. Massey-Stokes, Marilyn; Lanning, Beth Aug 1, 2004 1919
Dioceses' abuse policies studied. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Apr 16, 2004 179
Using Evidence-Based Parenting Programs to Advance CDC Efforts in Child Maltreatment Prevention. Research Brief. Valle, Linda Anne; Whitaker, Daniel J.; Lutzker, John R.; Filene, Jill H.; Wyatt, Jennifer M.; Cepha Report Jan 1, 2004 340
Dads 101. Dutson, Roger; Dulfano, Isabel; Nink, Carl Oct 1, 2003 2350
Trust us, don't bust us. French, Michelle Sep 22, 2003 557
Child protection professionals identifying domestic violence indicators: implications for social work education. Spath, Robin Sep 22, 2003 10119
Targeting at-risk families may prevent child neglect: 3-, 9-month intervention. Kubetin, Sally Koch Sep 1, 2003 547
When violence hits home: responding to domestic violence in families with kids requires a coordinated effort to help the victim and protect the children. Walton, Stephanie Jun 1, 2003 2446
Catholic church takes lead in child protection industry: cost and content among issues as dioceses push to establish `safe environments' for children. (Church In Crisis). Feuerherd, Joe Apr 18, 2003 1242
Preventing child abuse and sexual exploitation. (International). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 204
Safety of your child with a disability. (early childhood). Mastroleo, Cema; Abramson, Wendie H. Feb 1, 2002 784
Children at risk. (Introduction). Sadoway, Geraldine Feb 1, 2002 1380
Winning for children: for too long, foster care systems across the country have acted as little more than dumping grounds for abused and neglected children. But teams of national and local civil rights lawyers are bringing positive change. Feb 1, 2002 3850
Non-Catholic mother to head sex abuse office. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Jan 25, 2002 208
Differing approaches to combating child abuse: United States vs. United Kingdom. Landsberg, Gerald; Wattam, Corrine Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2001 3790
The state goes home: Local hyper-vigilance of children and the global retreat from social reproduction. Katz, Cindi Sep 22, 2001 4593
Municipal Leaders Find Ways to Expand Funds for Child Services. Heitfield, Heather Jul 30, 2001 963
Child Abuse Quilts: Revealing and Healing the Pain of Child Abuse. Goodman, Mary Beth; Ahmann, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2001 2430
Action Kit on Protecting Youth and Children Slated For Release at Congress of Cities in Boston. Abdus-Sabur, Rafiq Nov 27, 2000 1342
Police. Oliver, Charles Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 173
Telemedicine Helps Suspected Abuse Victims. WORCESTER, SHARON Brief Article Jan 15, 2000 644
Mobilizing a nation. Yorgey, Lisa A. Sep 1, 1999 1193
Judges' group releases guidelines for protecting victims of family violence. Reichert, Jennifer L. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 492
Protecting America's children: a challenge. Davidson, Howard A. Jan 1, 1999 3618
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs in Texas Public Elementary Schools. Lanning, Beth; Ballard, Danny J.; Robinson, James D., III Jan 1, 1999 4573
Choices and priorities. Mandell, Mark S. Brief Article Dec 1, 1998 846
County prevention efforts reduce child abuse. Brief Article Sep 7, 1998 283
Seeking a cure for child abuse. Morales, Alex Sep 1, 1998 2047
ILO action against child labour. May 1, 1998 1167
Can the war against child labour be won? Oslo Conference says an emphatic "yes." (International Conference on Child Labour) May 1, 1998 1269
Poor children targets of sex exploitation. Lederer, Laura J. Nov 22, 1996 852
The cost of child abuse and neglect. Briscoe, Judy Dec 1, 1994 1045
Children in violent homes need better protection, report says. Shoop, Julie Gannon Nov 1, 1994 534
Children thrive under Hawaii's Healthy Start. Mar 1, 1994 435
Kids cite value of abuse-avoidance classes. Bower, Bruce Oct 9, 1993 540
Child-abuse intervention: the accused, the schools and protective services. Bridgeland, William M.; Duane, Edward A. Sep 22, 1993 4540

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