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Using Online Information Support to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. Jin, Xiu; Hahm, Sangwoo Report Aug 1, 2021 7254
Post intensive care syndrome prevention and impact of COVID 19. Alefragkis, D.; Satolia, K.; Poulou, G. Apr 8, 2021 3613
Pandemic depression. Editorial Sep 5, 2020 590
The Enthusiasm of College Art Education to Prevent College Students from Depression. Shijia Zhang Jul 31, 2020 159
Avoiding depression during PH recession. Column Jul 13, 2020 1313
First Place: AMSA India: TREAT YOUR BODY WITH CARE. Kharinta, Govind Singh; Goel, Madhav; Srivastava, Mitali; Goyal, Nikita Author abstract Feb 1, 2020 219
How Exercising More May Help Prevent the Onset of Depression: Two recent studies explore the effective and protective approaches to overcoming this common mental health condition. Jan 1, 2020 765
Could Eating Healthier Be a Natural Antidepressant? Heubeck, Elizabeth Report Oct 9, 2019 531
Suicide can be prevented. Sep 23, 2019 1435
Determination of Factors that Impact Adherence to Warfarin in Patients with Stroke/Inmeli Hastalarda Varfarine Uyumu Etkileyen Faktorlerin Belirlenmesi. Tulek, Zeliha; Dunya, Cansu Polat; Ciftcioglu, Refika Reva; Dereci, Himmet Sep 1, 2019 5281
Physical fitness may help prevent depression, anxiety. Aug 16, 2019 192
Mindfulness-based relapse prevention tied to lower anxiety, depression. Haelle, Tara Aug 1, 2019 601
Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies for Postoperative Opioid Abuse. Zhao, Shuai; Chen, Fan; Feng, Anqi; Han, Wei; Zhang, Yuan Jul 31, 2019 9399
Depression: Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors in the United Arab Emirates. Razzak, Hira Abdul; Harbi, Alya; Ahli, Shaima Report Jul 1, 2019 5386
MGH Study: Regular Aerobic Exercise May Help Prevent Depression Onset: Researchers also found that less physical activity may increase depression risk. Apr 1, 2019 671
Yoga May Help Ease Psychological, Physical Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 212
Research Roundup. Brief article Jan 29, 2019 289
Carnosine Protects Against Formaldehyde Exposure. Grotton, Cynthia Jan 1, 2019 1970
Nutrient-rich Diet May Help with Depression Prevention and Treatment: New research suggests the right food choices may help you prevent or cope better with depression. Report Dec 1, 2018 635
Exercise tied to lower depression risk among older adults. Palmer, Christopher Dec 1, 2018 509
Behavioral checklist IDs children at risk of depressive, anxiety disorders. Craven, Jeff Nov 1, 2018 431
Teenage depression: Prevention begins with better understanding. Oct 11, 2018 2319
Study Underscores Value of Exercise for Individuals with Depression. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 264
Confronting a Crisis: Responding to and Halting Life's Unexpected Challenges: When you're suddenly faced with difficult circumstances, focusing on your response instead of the problem is essential. Oct 1, 2018 645
Healthy diet 'may help prevent depression'. Sep 26, 2018 238
World Suicide Prevention Day: Expert says depression major cause of premature death. Sep 10, 2018 820
Take Steps at Home to Improve Your Mood: Simple remedies for sadness or depression can help, but they can't replace treatment by a mental health professional. Sep 1, 2018 898
Problem Solving Helps Prevent Depression in Low-Income Moms; Problem-solving education appears to work by decreasing perceived stress in low-income mothers. Jul 17, 2018 262
Physical activity reduces the risk of developing depression--at any age. Farham, B. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 200
Brain activity, good diet may prevent insomnia-related depression. Apr 5, 2018 427
Mental health apps: What to tell patients: An evaluation model created specifically for such apps can help guide your discussions. Torous, John; Luo, John; Chan, Steven R. Report Mar 1, 2018 2745
UNC School of Medicine Research Shows Hormone Therapy Could Prevent Depression for Some Women in the Menopause Transition. Jan 16, 2018 256
HRT 'prevents depression' in women during menopause. Jan 11, 2018 121
Brain activity and good diet may prevent insomnia-related depression. Dec 14, 2017 434
The Happiness Diet. Messick, Garry Dec 1, 2017 913
The Challenge of Self-Managing Comorbid Depression and Diabetes. Maydick, Diane R.; Acee, Anna M. Nov 1, 2017 2189
BRAINBOOSTING RECIPES; Turmeric chicken with butternut squash & broccoli utTurmeric is the star of the show here - it's said to help prevent depression and anxiety, and reduce brain ageing. Recipe Oct 22, 2017 234
Hour of exercise helps prevent depression. Oct 4, 2017 177
Prevent depression with just an hour of exercise a week. Oct 3, 2017 620
Relation between HIV status, risky sexual behavior, and mental health in an MSM sample from three Chilean cities/Relacion entre el estado de seropositividad al VIH, el Comportamiento sexual arriesgado y la salud mental en una muestra de HSH de tres ciudades chilenas. Gomez, Fabiola; Barrientos, Jaime; Cardenas, Manuel Apr 1, 2017 4826
Moderate exercise not only treats, but prevents depression. Jan 1, 2017 250
An anti-aging approach to depression. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Column Oct 1, 2016 1565
Are internet memory tests accurate?...Giant cell with a depressed person. Column Jun 1, 2016 641
Feeling frazzled? Certain foods can help reduce anxiety: a healthy mix of mood-boosting nutrients in your diet can promote feelings of calm and wellbeing. Mar 1, 2016 738
USPSTF: Screen all adults for depression. Oakes, Kari Feb 15, 2016 628
Conceptualizing mode deactivation therapy as a moodle-based online program for adolescents and adults to relieve belief-oriented distress. Swart, Joan Report Dec 22, 2015 11281
Tips to prevent holiday stress. Dec 1, 2015 600
Does psychiatric treatment prevent suicide? Miller, Dinah Nov 1, 2015 1493
Increased focus on rural depression. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 213
Beating the mental effects of illness: health crises such as cancer, stroke, or major surgery can take a mental as well as a physical toll on patients. Here's how to cope. May 1, 2015 734
10 Triggers of inflammation to be avoided, to reduce the risk of depression: educating our patients about adopting a healthy lifestyle--not smoking, exercising, eating wisely, and so on--might lower their risk of psychiatric relapse. Nasrallah, Henry A. Mar 1, 2015 1215
Reduction of Pain and Depression in Occlusal Splint-Based Treatment for TMD is Accompanied with Increase in Urinary Serotonin. Report Dec 31, 2014 3865
Treat depression before it harms your heart: the mood disorder increases risk for heart disease and stroke. Nov 1, 2014 718
Muscles make natural antidepressant: exercise blocks brain toxin linked to stress, mouse study shows. Sanders, Laura Nov 1, 2014 544
The efficacy of training life skills on reducing depression of the students. Khaledian, Mohamad; baghteyfouni, Zahra Karami; Sogolitappeh, Fatemeh Nemati Report Oct 1, 2014 3378
Rehabilitation helps prevent depression. Brief article Aug 1, 2014 307
Treat anxiety and depression that can lead to faster aging: long-term mental distress can reduce life expectancy. Jun 1, 2014 696
Efficacy of training life skills on reducing depression and increasing life expectancy in of the addicts. baghteyfouni, Zahra Karami; Farnodian, Parisa; Vafa, Shima; Chegini, Maryam; khaledian, Mohamad Report Jun 1, 2014 5026
Should I prevent my patient from developing depression after stroke? What is the best available option? May 31, 2014 495
Exercise helps prevent depression in Parkinson's disease. Brief article May 1, 2014 141
To prevent depression recurrence, interpersonal psychotherapy is a first-line treatment with long-term benefits: algorithm helps determine when behavioral therapy, medication are appropriate. Constantino, Michael J.; Greenberg, Roger P.; Laws, Holly B. Clinical report Apr 1, 2014 4544
Ask the doctor: COPD and cognition ... can head injury trigger ad? remember happy times to lift depression. Fava, Maurizio Column Mar 1, 2014 641
The shadow disease among us. Chau, Stephanie; Lam, Kevin; Pang, Eunice; Tsui, Claudia; Hui, Rex; Liu, Calvin Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 158
Should I prevent my patient from developing depression after stroke? What is the best available option? Feb 28, 2014 500
Obesity and mental disorders: building an effective care/Obesidade e transtornos mentais: construindo um cuidado efetivo. Melca, Isabela Azeredo; Fortes, Sandra Jan 1, 2014 4279
Emotional regulation and depression: a potential mediator between heart and mind. Compare, Angelo; Zarbo, Cristina; Shonin, Edo; Van Gordon, William; Marconi, Chiara Report Jan 1, 2014 7643
Group therapy may prevent depression: study. Dec 19, 2013 359
Do-it-yourself techniques to improve your mood: basic therapy strategies can help with depression and anxiety. Nov 1, 2013 1055
Moderate exercise not only treats depression but also prevents disease. Oct 29, 2013 148
Diet Rich in Folic Acid Helps Prevents Depression. Sep 17, 2013 318
Depression symptoms of Huntington's disease prevented in mice. May 24, 2013 257
How mindfulness meditation prevents depression and cuts chronic pain distress. Feb 14, 2013 333
Stroke prevention: why women should take special care. Nov 1, 2012 702
Depression. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 1, 2012 10634
Kiser first Schweitzer Fellow from WVU. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 221
Depression treatment may also prevent adolescent drug abuse. Jun 5, 2012 571
Massage therapy. Report Jun 1, 2012 538
A review of depression prevention in primary care. Clark, Karen; Weir, Christine Report May 1, 2012 3946
Study: depression risk lower in statin users. Brief article May 1, 2012 179
Caffeine protects against depression. Hudson, Tori Apr 1, 2012 365
Higher vitamin D levels correlated with less depression. Dye, D. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 186
Intimate disclosure among best friends of youth: an opportunity for prevention of internalizing disorders. Buskirk-Cohen, Allison Report Mar 22, 2012 10541
Boost mood with whole foods: ban processed foods in lieu of nutrient-rich, whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains to elevate your mood. Salomon, Sharon Mar 1, 2012 1153
Beat the Winter blues. Ducharme, Stanley Report Feb 1, 2012 1182
Gene may help in depression prevention or treatment. Feb 1, 2012 101
Coffee may help protect against depression: study suggests mood-boost increases with greater consumption of the caffeinated drink. Jan 1, 2012 429
Depression and its associated risk factors in medical and surgical post graduate trainees at a teaching hospital: a cross sectional survey from a developing country. Report Oct 31, 2011 3846
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Oct 1, 2011 1905
Omega-3 for depression? Fava, Maurizio Brief article Oct 1, 2011 213
Depressive symptoms and health promotion behaviors of African-American women who are family caregivers of hemodialysis recipients. Byers, Dina J.; Wicks, Mona N.; Beard, Tamara Harris Report Sep 1, 2011 4461
SINGLE PARENTING A RISK FACTOR FOR DEPRESSION IN ADOLESCENTS. Siddiqui, Rizwana Zahid; Sultana, Saabera Report Jun 30, 2011 4049
Depressive symptoms in a sample of social work students and reasons preventing students from using mental health services: an exploratory study. Ting, Laura Report Mar 22, 2011 7036
Preventing the blues. Wilkoff, William G. Feb 1, 2011 783
Recognizing suicide risk in consumers with HIV/AIDS. Davis, Sharon J.; Koch, D. Shane; Mbugua, Alice; Johnson, Ann Report Jan 1, 2011 4448
DHA through pregnancy for maternal depression and neurodevelopment. Murphy, Kathleen Report Dec 22, 2010 788
Early treatment to help prevent kids from depression: Study. Dec 16, 2010 471
Mindfulness-based therapy 'prevents depression relapse'. Dec 7, 2010 317
Information technology could help prevent, treat depression. Dec 4, 2010 303
GL follow-up. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 134
Increased intake of vitamins B6 and B12 linked to less depression. Dye, Dayna Brief article Sep 1, 2010 169
B vitamins may protect against depression in older adults. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 240
Mood health and cognitive disorders: a guide to natural prevention. May 1, 2010 1737
Do beta blockers cause depression? Muzyk, Andrew J.; Gagliardi, Jane P. Clinical report May 1, 2010 1286
System needs to build resilience. Epstein, Ronald M. Brief article Apr 15, 2010 237
Improved obstetric outcomes using hypnotic analgesia and skill mastery combined with childbirth education. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 183
Psychosocial Treatments. Hartman, David Brief article Mar 22, 2010 127
The relationship among couple relationship quality, physical functioning, and depression in multiple sclerosis patients and partners. McPheters, Justin K.; Sandberg, Jonathan G. Report Mar 1, 2010 11595
Government action 'prevented depression'. Feb 13, 2010 183
Emotional understanding may prevent depression among new mums. Jan 24, 2010 345
Stressed doctors thrown an MPS lifeline. Bateman, Chris Jan 1, 2010 1500
Bedtimes and depression. Benaroch, Roy Brief article Jan 1, 2010 220
Mediterranean diet may help prevent depression. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 394
Oz team's winning ODI start could prevent depression setting in: Hopes. Sep 6, 2009 133
'Family-focused' depression care endorsed. Anderson, Jane Jul 1, 2009 524
Exercise curbs agitation in cognitively impaired. Wendling, Patrice Report Jul 1, 2009 535
Exercise prescription: a practical, effective therapy for depression. Sidhu, Kanwaldeep S.; Vandana, Pankhuree; Balon, Richard Jun 1, 2009 4267
Long-term effects of St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) treatment: A 1-year safety study in mild to moderate depression. Brattstrom, Axel Clinical report Apr 1, 2009 4468
Check Your Thermostat To Avoid Depression. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 237
Physical activity and depressive symptoms in rural adolescents. Prasad, Aman; St-Hilaire, Sophie; Wong, Maria M.; Peterson, Teri; Loftin, John Report Mar 1, 2009 6023
Ignoring problem leads to adult difficulties. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 259
Drug reduces interferon-related depression. Finn, Robert Jan 15, 2009 440
Fish oil protective against dementia, depression. Ninger, Laura J. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 182
Factors related to depressive symptoms and hopelessness among university students/Universite ogrencilerinde depresif belirtiler ve umutsuzluk duzeyleri ile iliskili etmenler. Celikel, Feryal Cam; Erkorkmaz, Unal Report Dec 1, 2008 5395
Medication may prevent depression after stroke. Aug 1, 2008 163
Help your bipolar patients feel better. Ostacher, Michael J. Case study Aug 1, 2008 3719
Teen confidante important after family violence. Dixon, Bruce K. Jun 1, 2008 584
Effects of consumption of omega-3 supplementation and practice of physical exercise in prevention and treatment of depression/Efeitos do consumo ou suplementacao de omega-3 e do exercicio fisico na prevencao e tratamento da depressao. Guerra, Ana Paula; Santiago, Julianna Dias; Scudeler, Natalia Bertola; Navarro, Francisco May 1, 2008 3787
Depression: seek medical help and reclaim your life: effective treatment options can help improve your outlook and relationships, and also may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Jan 1, 2008 1209
Social rhythm therapy prevents bipolar episodes. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2007 543
Behavioral therapy may prevent sight-related depression. Sullivan, Michele G. Dec 1, 2007 513
INSIGHT potentially prevents and treats depressive and anxiety symptoms in black women caring for chronic hemodialysis recipients. Wicks, Mona N.; Bolden, Lois; Mynatt, Sarah; Rice, Muriel Curry; Acchiardo, Sergio R. Clinical report Nov 1, 2007 4910
Omega-3s relieve depression, agitation in Alzheimer's disease patients. Dye, Dayna Brief article Oct 1, 2007 156
People who take cod liver oil daily are almost 30% less likely to suffer depression than those who don't. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 109
Fatty acid balance influences depression risk. Dye, Dayna Brief article Jul 1, 2007 151
Healthy habits might prevent depression. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 130
Depression; Prevention. Dec 12, 2006 1171
Depression; Lifestyle Tips. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 12, 2006 1258
Ketamine lifts treatment-resistant depression: intravenous infusion helps patients remit within 2 hours, preliminary study of 18 patients shows. Moon, Mary Ann Sep 1, 2006 744
Intervention during pregnancy can reduce depression. Johnson, Kate Brief article Sep 1, 2006 304
Depression; Prevention. Dec 14, 2005 1628
Oral contraceptives could lessen premenstrual worsening of depression. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief Article Nov 15, 2005 304
Psychotherapy can reduce mood disorder relapse. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Aug 1, 2005 582
Mood brighteners: light therapy gets nod as depression buster. Bower, B. Apr 23, 2005 513
Avoiding the sun? Sunlight actually prevents cancers. Apr 1, 2005 1043
Depression; Prevention. Mar 16, 2005 1691
Psychosocial impact of cancer in low-income rural/urban women: Phase I. Lyons, Margaret A. Mar 22, 2004 5050
Statins and depression. Evans, Jeff Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 138
Dieting and mood swing connection. (Healthbites). Toops, Diane Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 112
Reducing depression in pregnancy: designing multimodal interventions. Cunningham, Maddy; Zayas, Luis H. Apr 1, 2002 5882
Preventing depression. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 142
Bupropion Staves Off Depression in Mourners. (Study of 2 Widows, Widowers). Splete, Heidi Nov 1, 2001 234
Some teens show signs of future depression. Bower, B. Oct 14, 2000 387
SUICIDE. Victoria A. Brownworth Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 916
Is it time for an attitude adjustment? Bruce, Barbara K.; Foley, Denise Sep 1, 1998 1853
How to avoid holiday depression. Brief Article Dec 1, 1995 432
Defensiveness reaps psychiatric benefits. Bower, Bruce May 19, 1990 482
Banishing the winter blahs. Broderson, Linda C. Jan 1, 1988 1554

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