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Consensual sex under title IX. Lissack, Michael May 1, 2017 923
Two-year update on ACHA-NCHA II results following the implementation of a sexual assault violence prevention and awareness campaign at a state-supported regional university. Dupain, Mandi; Lombardi, Julie Ann; Echeverria, Sandra Report Sep 22, 2016 5101
Promoting zero tolerance of sexual abuse in juvenile facilities. Garrity, Rita; Klepin, Yvette; Sayasane, Robert May 1, 2016 359
Safe and sound? Recent issues with hazing, bullying and sexual assault have motivated colleges to increase efforts to provide a secure environment for students. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Oct 8, 2015 1296
Louisiana's PREA summits: culture change and sexual safety. Graham, Paul Mar 1, 2015 1911
Agony Aunt. Dec 1, 2014 655
Mennonites investigate abuse. Brief article Jul 18, 2014 196
Sexual assault and the military petri dish. Kuersten, Andreas Essay Jul 1, 2014 5381
Barriers to sexual violence social services. May 1, 2014 377
Youth sexual offending: context, good-enough lives, and engaging with a wider prevention agenda. Smallbone, Stephen; Rayment-Mchugh, Susan; Smith, Dimity Report Sep 22, 2013 7604
Why prevention? Why now? Tabachnick, Joan Report Sep 22, 2013 9229
Australian bishop launches petition for council on sex abuse. Manson, Jamie L. Interview Jun 21, 2013 1854
Stopping human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse by international peacekeepers. Jun 1, 2013 524
Violence against women with disabilities: it may have started in childhood: "there are reports ... that children with disabilities are four to 10 times more likely to be abused than children without disabilities." "unfortunately, the 'dirty secret' about abuse of children with disabilities is all too true.". Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P. May 1, 2013 1670
A continuum of terrible wrongs. Zagano, Phyllis Essay Feb 15, 2013 785
Know the warning signs of educator sexual misconduct: educators can prevent much of the sexual misconduct in schools if they know how to recognize and respond to suspicious patterns and if administrators enforce an environment of high expectations for behavior. Shakeshaft, Charol Feb 1, 2013 3861
Ask sister anything. Dec 1, 2012 1446
New PREA standards and differences. Ledbetter, Donna; Halley, Dee Aug 1, 2012 1894
Stopping human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse by international peacekeepers. Jun 1, 2012 535
Works to eliminate sexual assault in prisons. Lukima, Joyce Jun 1, 2011 1817
We can't tackle PREA alone. Russell, Garry Brief article Jun 1, 2011 272
California take a proactive approach to PREA. Herndon, Debra Jun 1, 2011 1553
Bleak future for former female fighters, Uganda. Brief article May 1, 2011 248
MCPON stresses do your part for 'zero tolerance' on sexual assault. Feb 1, 2011 672
Surviving sexual assault. Collins, Elizabeth M. Sep 1, 2010 3029
Preventing sexual assault. Collins, Elizabeth M. Sep 1, 2010 1780
Too true to school: the sex abuse crisis should teach us that it takes more than a seminary to raise a priest. Cones, Bryan Jun 1, 2010 794
Church renewal can be a spiritual practice: if the church is to emerge from the crisis, a vital project of renewal is needed. Spretnak, Charlene Viewpoint essay May 28, 2010 1014
Conceptualizing and stopping state sexual violence against incarcerated women. VanNatta, Michelle Report Mar 22, 2010 11920
The consequences of sexual violence. Jan 1, 2010 545
CID sexual-assault investigators deploy army-wide. Hauser, Colby Dec 1, 2009 283
Circles of support and accountability for sex offenders in England and Wales: their origins and implementation between 1999-2005. Nellis, Mike Report Mar 22, 2009 10957
Femicide/feminicide: extreme gender violence. Jan 1, 2009 1138
Egypt (TIER 2 Watch List). Jan 1, 2009 1261
Kuwait (Tier 3). Jan 1, 2009 1055
Lebanon (Tier 2 Watch List). Jan 1, 2009 1396
Are women human? Brief article Sep 22, 2007 270
Pope calls on Irish Church to heal wounds. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 135
In response to the sex abuse crisis, Boston College is introducing a new degree program this fall aimed at improving church management, reports the Boston Globe. Cones, Bryan Brief article Sep 1, 2006 92
Mistaken identities. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 133
Sexual assault prevention. Yamanaka, Bill Apr 1, 2006 347
How providers can help. Shears, Kathleen Henry Mar 22, 2005 803
Keys to preventing nonconsensual sex: promising interventions include multifaceted approaches, specific targets. Aradhya, Kerry Wright Mar 22, 2005 2630
Focus on primary prevention. Aradhya, Kerry Wright Mar 22, 2005 320
Programs for perpetrators. Aradhya, Kerry Wright Mar 22, 2005 544
Men giving up violence. Ramos, Miguel Mar 22, 2005 786
Federal panel ignores sex abuse: a 20-agency annual report on the well-being of children has been manipulated by the "researchers" who created it so that traditional families and values are undermined. Reisman, Judith Dec 27, 2004 1073
Conduct unbecoming: allegations of sexual misconduct at the United States Air Force Academy. Emery, Charles R.; Benton, James E. Case study Sep 1, 2004 13572
A prominent clerical advocate for the victims of abuse, the Reverend Thomas Doyle, has been fired by Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien, head of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, under whom Doyle served, for apparently challenging O'Brien's authority and arguing that priests did not have to celebrate mass every day. Brief Article Jun 22, 2004 148
Dioceses' abuse policies studied. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Apr 16, 2004 179
Cops in South Africa go door-to-door to curb abuse of women and children. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 228
Keating was wrong choice at the outset. (Columns). McBrien, Richard P. Jul 18, 2003 788
St. Louis lay group under fire. (Nation). Coday, Dennis Brief Article Jul 4, 2003 285
Bishops admit lack of skills to be good shepherds. (Viewpoint). Kennedy, Eugene Cullen Jul 4, 2003 679

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