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Prevention of HIV/AIDS Education in Rural Communities II.

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This second special issue of the Health Education Monograph Series on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Rural Communities presents seven articles: (1) "Preventing Maternal-Infant Transmission of HIV: Social and Ethical Issues" (James G. Anderson, Marilyn M. Anderson, and Tara Booth); (2) "HIV Infection in Diverse Rural Population: Migrant Farm Workers in Indiana" (Janet Arno); (3) "New Drugs for Treatment for AIDS and Cost Implications" (Stephen R. Bryn, James G. Anderson, and Marilyn M. Anderson); (4) "Behavioral Intention and Use of Condoms for HIV/AIDS Prevention among African-American Students" (Andrew J. Kanu); (5) "Breaking Confidence about Risky Sexual Behavior: Rural Area, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Other Factors" (Shobha Pais and Fred Piercy); (6) "Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Rural Communities" (Mohammad R. Torabi and Kele Ding); and (7) "Efficacy of Two School-Based Interventions Designed to Reduce Rural Adolescent Risk of HIV/STD" (William L. Yarber and Richard A. Crosby). (All articles contain references.) (SM)

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Author:Torabi, Mohammad R., Ed.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 1997
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