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Prevendra Opens Its Doors - Welcome and Beinvenidos.

Woodinville, WA, April 22, 2013 --( Prevendra, a triple-play start-up, offering consulting, knowledge share and security applications has hung out its shingle and opened its doors, announcing it is open for business with the launch of its website: Prevendra ( (English language) and (Spanish language)).

Christopher Burgess, Prevendra's president explains, “The name Prevendra is derived from the future-tense of the Spanish word: Prevenir - to Prevent. Look about, now more than ever, we need to invest to prevent. The investment protects our person, property and data. We offer our expertise to the global markets, with initial emphasis on the North America, Central America, South America and EU markets which is why we offer Prevendra in both the English and Spanish languages.”

Prevendra Consulting: Prevendra's consulting arm is led by Christopher Burgess. Prevendra's consulting offerings include,

Online Safety & Security - individual, family or business

Security Awareness - presentations, training or analysis

Intellectual Property Protection - strategy, processes, execution

Competitive Intelligence - defense programs and collection stratagem

Chief Security Officers services - venture capital firms, start-ups, SMB's

National Security - FCPA, ITAR, Intelligence, Counterintelligence

Healthcare Security - compliance, HIPAA, data loss

Christopher is the co-author of Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century (Syngress, 2008).

Prevendra Knowledge: Prevendra's knowledge arm is also led by Christopher Burgess, and offers timely information on a variety of topics. Prevendra Knowledge's motto is, “At Prevendra knowledge is shared, secrets are protected.” Topics found within Prevendra's knowledge share include: IP Protection, Security, National Security, Healthcare Security, Online Safety, Security Training, Intelligence & Counterintelligence, SMB Security, Enterprise Security, Social Media & Networks, Espionage & Counterespionage, Big Data, Geopolitical and links to a large corpus of articles written by Burgess.

Prevendra Applications: Prevendra's Applications division is immersed in developing applications applicable to all sectors upon which Prevendra consults and engages in knowledge share. Prevendra's design and architecture of all applications puts safety, security and privacy at the forefront with the user in control of their data and how it is used.

Kathy Burgess, CEO of Prevendra said, “I'm delighted to open our doors to clients, be they individuals, families or companies (big or small), we are prepared to assist them with the safety, security, intelligence or privacy needs. We exist to keep you safe and secure, today and tomorrow.”

What others are saying about Prevendra and Christopher Burgess:

“Christopher Burgess is a world-class authority on the implications of national security issues, both for individual enterprises and whole sectors. He is also one of the preeminent voices on what enterprises should be doing to thwart economic espionage and intellectual property theft. Bringing Prevendra and Burgess in to consult means bringing in not only a national security expert with significant real-world experience in predictively assessing, articulating and mitigating threats in the global economy, it also means you are bringing a remarkable human being with a strong common sense approach, integrated with a wealth of personal integrity and a powerfully compassionate heart. These are qualities not often offered in one package. Burgess' lengthy and distinguished career in national security, followed by his extensive experience in the corridors of private sector governance put him in a unique position to help you in matters related to security, safety, privacy, risk and intelligence.” - Richard Power, Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University CyLab “Christopher Burgess', background, experience, and intellect has the perfect balance to protect well being and insure privacy.” - Gregory Akers, SVP, Cisco Systems

“While Christopher's knowledge in security applications in the healthcare space is unparalleled in the industry, his ability to impart that knowledge and expertise to clients in a complex and ever-changing industry is priceless.” - Dari Bonner, CEO Xact Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

“When it comes to digital safety and security the name Christopher Burgess automatically comes to mind — Prevendra will be no exception I am confident of that. After I endured a horrific virtual exposure attack, and winning a landmark case for Internet defamation and invasion of privacy, it was then that I had the pleasure and honor to get to know Christopher. Christopher Burgess combines his decades of intelligence with something that is priceless, his compassion for humanity. He truly cares about others; your security, your safety and your privacy. With this I have no doubt that Prevendra will be creating great security applications for use in cyberspace.” - Sue Scheff, Parent Advocate and co-author of Google Bomb.

The launch of Prevendra is an exciting time. Personal Safety Training Group has availed Christopher Burgess' expertise to their clientele for many years, and Christopher has always been there to share his perspective to keep the individual, family or company safe online and off. - Larry Kaminer, President, Personal Safety Training Group

About Prevendra, LLC :

Prevendra LLC provides consulting, engages in knowledge share and creates applications, all of which drive toward keeping you safe and secure, today and tomorrow. At Prevendra, knowledge is shared, secrets are protected. Prevendra is located in Woodinville, Washington: -

Contact Information:

Prevendra LLC

Christopher Burgess


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Date:Apr 22, 2013
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