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Pretzel peril.

Byline: The Register-Guard

President Bush delivered a gift to the nation's editorial cartoonists (see Jim Borgman, above) by briefly losing consciousness when a pretzel became lodged in his throat. It was nothing serious, the president's doctors say.

The Bush administration did the right thing by being forthcoming about the president's fainting spell. It's much better to invite a wave of wisecracks ("Bush was watching the Miami Dolphins on TV, and when they choked, he did too," or "Secret Service agents quickly wrestled the bag of pretzels to the floor") than to court speculation about the president's health. And maybe now kids will listen when their mothers tell them to chew their food.
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Title Annotation:Editorials
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jan 16, 2002
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