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Pretentious MP is the gift that keeps on giving; viewpoint.

Dear Editor, For adversaries of pomposity, self-importance and high-pretention, Sutton Coldfield's Right Honourable Andrew John Bower Mitchell MP, has become a watchword for the gift that just never stops giving.

While Mitchell has apologised for the foul-mouthed broadside at the police officers employed to safeguard the MP and his peers, Mr Mitchell continues to employ weasel words to avoid denying that he called the officers "plebs" and "morons".

Incredulously, he attempts to have us believe that his refusal is not about selfinterest, but a big-heartedness and selfless gesture as, "he did not want to impugn officers' integrity and start a 'firefight' with police."

With the issue featuring heavily during the recent Prime Minister's Questions however, Mr Mitchell now appears to have executed a total volte face, with fellow Conservative MP and former whip Michael Fabricant spilling the beans, tweeting: "Several MPs have confirmed to me that AM did indeed say "I didn't swear" (at the police). This puts a whole new light on the issue."

As a footnote, there is a certain sense of irony that the police report of Mr Mitchell's behaviour stated: "Mr Mitchell was then silent and left saying 'you haven't heard the last of this' as he cycled off."

Never a truer word Mr Mitchell.

Mick Teece By Email
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 25, 2012
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