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Preston, Douglas. Blasphemy.

PRESTON, Douglas. Blasphemy. Read by Scott Sowers. 11 cds. 14 hrs. Macmillan Audio. 2008. 978-1-4272-0274-1. $39.95. Cardboard; plot; author, reader notes. SA

Science and religion clash violently near a Navajo Reservation in a remote area of the Arizona desert. Isabella, a 40-billion-dollar superconducting supercollider particle accelerator, has been built to simulate the Big Bang theory of creation, while seeking alternate sources of energy. Glitches occur, and the project falls behind schedule. The scientific team begins to squabble and the President's science adviser sends in a mole to investigate the costly delays. Running on maximum power, Isabella somehow connects with an intelligent power that might be God himself speaking, and lengthy religious and philosophical discussions commence. From this point, things instantly go from bad to much worse. When word of this possible contact with the Supreme Being leaks out, a deranged missionary and a powerful televangelist team up, and their sulphur and brimstone rhetoric enlists an army of religious zealots who come together to destroy Isabella and the alleged Anti-Christ who is behind the project--the project that they feel seeks to disprove the Biblical story of the creation. Sowers struggles mightily to make the science, religion, and mega-violence of Preston's story palatable for the listener. The demands of the seemingly apocalyptic climax are almost beyond the abilities of any reader, but Sowers does a credible job. Miles Klein, Frisco, TX
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Author:Klein, Miles
Article Type:Audiobook review
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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