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Pressure sensors, monitors, controls.


Melt-pressure transducers, pressure indicators, and controllers for extrusion or injection molding:

* MeltMonitor pressure transducer with integral display. Optional temperature display, 4-20 mA output and MODbus communications.

* PT420A high-accuracy pressure transducer for critical pressure and temperature measurements with [+ or -]0.25% accuracy to 30,000 psi.

* PT460E economical transducer with [+ or -]0.5% accuracy from 500 to 30,000 psi.

* PT4624-A amplified-output pressure transmitter produces a 4-20 mA signal for long-distance transmission without noise interference and easier interfacing with PLCs or extruder control systems. Auto-Zero functionality is provided.

* SPX series pressure transmitters for hazardous or explosive areas, including fiber spinning and melt extrusion.

* PT460XL enhanced pressure transducers with extra-thick sensing diaphragm for improved abrasion and corrosion resistance.

* PT130 hydraulic-pressure transducer with contoured sensing diaphragm for accuracy, repeatability, and fatigue strength.

* PT465XL nozzle-pressure transducer with flexible armored cable for longer life, 8-mil-thick flush diaphragm, and accurate measurements to 30,000 psi and 750[degrees]E

* Mechanical melt-pressure gages provide local indication on extruders, easy readability, and resistance to vibration.

* ATC770 with self-tuning algorithm is fully compatible with a wide variety of process transmitters and a combination of jumpers and menu options. Selection of readout options.

* UPR700 pressure/process indicator is field configurable and programmable. Two process variables, such as melt temperature and pressure, can be shown on digital display indicators.

* High-performance 1390 and 1391 indicators. The 1390 accepts direct input from 350-ohm strain-gage pressure transducers, while the 1391 accepts voltage and current inputs. Both models feature 1/[8.sup.-]DIN horizontal design, two alarms and optional RS-485 interface.


Complete line of discrete signal-loop controllers and system products for pressure control and monitoring. Extrusion Master 3 (EM-3) pressure controller for complex extrusion simplifies start-up and shutdown process. Desired speeds and pressures are entered and the control system automatically performs the process.


Manufactures sensors, controls, automation and motor drive products for machine control of plastics processing equipment. Sensors include melt pressure, temperature, industrial pressure, position and loadcells. Instrumentation includes DIN-sized panel-mounted indicators, PID controllers and "blind" single- or multiloop controllers. Automation solutions include PLC, I/O, HMI and IPCs. Also a full line of AC/DC and servo motor drives.


Offering a wide range of pressure transducers, sensors, and limit switches. The newest Z1420/ ... limit switch monitors for exact position of plates and/or cores within injection molds.

The Z145/ ... infared control, for Z1451/ ... transmitter and Z1452/ ... receivers.

Inductive proximity switches in many styles Z1471/ ... Z1472/. ... etc.


Flush-mount piezoelectric quartz transducer for measuring cavity pressure in injection molding. Unit's 1-mm in-cavity sensor is said to be the smallest of its kind. Unisens 4-mm sensor offers uniform sensitivity between sensors, allowing mold change-overs without recalibrating. Direct and indirect measuring systems available. Behind-the-pin sensors match strain gage dimensions and pricing. Single-wire conductors replace conventional coaxial cables on several units.

Line of electronic signal conditioners interfaces transducers to injection machine controls. Charge amplifiers control molding machine or provide analog outputs for monitoring. Specialized data-acquisition software for injection molding. CoMo injection process monitor is said to increase molding yields.


Makes a range of piezoelectric cavity pressure sensors.

RKC INSTRUMENT Gage-type resin pressure control offers infrared port communication with a high-speed sampling and control time for quality control of extruded products.


Offers a broad selection of stock and custom instrumentation solutions, which are often available for distribution within days.
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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