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Pressure on town taxi rank spaces; LETTERS.

I REFER to the new parking scheme changes affecting the taxi ranks in Rhyl. I really think Cllr S Frobisher should meet the taxi trade in Rhyl to answer questions about her decision to use her powers as the Leader for the Environment to bring about the major parking changes in Rhyl.

This decision was made behind closed doors on July 1 and was not open to public scrutiny. The taxi trade was not informed of any changes although we do hold regular taxi forum meetings with officers and councillors of the council.

Is Cllr Frobisher aware that some ranks have been now moved? Is she aware that other ranks have been made part-time decreasing the amount of work drivers can do? Does she even know that the number of taxis in Denbighshire has reached almost 300 yet rank space is available for 69 taxis? I call on Cllr Frobisher to explain her actions.

In the general public interest and specifically to guard against the possibility of successful legal challenge to decisions it is necessary to demonstrate that all relevant matters were fully taken into account in reaching decisions.

Chris Smith, Taxi Driver Rhyl
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 5, 2011
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