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Pressure of migration has also intensified on Hungarian border.

Compared with last year, the number of illegal border crossing attempts has also increased on the Hungarian border.

Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister Gyorgy Bakondi said this year to date 7,500 persons have attempted to cross the Hungarian borders illegally.

He also highlighted that on the route from Turkey to the Balkans a significant increase in migration had been observed. He said there are increased levels of migration activity on the Croatian-Bosnian, Serbian-Croatian and Slovenian-Croatian borders as well.

These facts, too, prove that statements that claim that there is no migration or there is no need for the fence are unfounded, he pointed out.

Mr Bakondi observed that the situation on the Balkans has always been difficult. Today, with the emergence of the pressure of migration, the shortage of equipment, funds and staff makes it more difficult for the countries concerned to take action.

Also for this reason it would be important to make efforts to integrate these countries into Europe and to help them so that when they protect their borders they also protect Europe's borders, the chief advisor said.

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Publication:Hungarian Official News Digest (Budapest, Hungary)
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Date:Sep 11, 2019
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