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Pressure Sensors, Monitors and Controls.



Automated pressure and flow control systems, pressure gauge calibration systems, pressure regulators, including custom units. Systems allow user-defined multiple target pressures, holding times, and pressurization rates from vacuum to 60,000 psi.


Melt pressure transducers/transmitters feature nonmercury transfer medium and ceramic impregnated diaphragm. TFH high-accuracy transducers are for critical measurements. TFO standard transducers are for general-purpose measurements. TFJ transducers have temperature sensor (thermocouple, RTD) output. TFO4 transducer has integrated amplifier output (4-20 mA, 0-10 v, etc.). Model 942 Eurotherm melt pressure controller has I/O selectability, alarming, retransmission, built-in transducer power supply, and communication capability. The 760 Eurotherm process indicator has built-in transducer power supply, alarming outputs, and communication ability.

Pressure controllers and indicators for extrusion and injection molding.


Pressure transducers and transmitters from PMT Product Group. Pressure ranges from 3 to 5000 psi with various input/output configurations. Millivolt, voltage, and 4-20 mA outputs available on standard products. Complete media isolation achieved on Model 88 series transmitter with stainless-steel wetted parts.


Model AN2401 1/8-DIN panel-mounted pressure controller with 20 measurements/sec and [+ or -]0.01% accuracy. Isolated input and outputs; five-digit, high-visibility vacuum-fluorescent display; push-button setup, calibration, and operation; and programmable filter. Optional dual-relay set-points, analog output with independent scaling, and RS232 serial interface.


Series P10Q 1/4-DIN and P10E 1/8-DIN melt-pressure controllers regulate the speed of the extruder screw motor. Designed for 350 ohm strain gauge-based sensors, controllers can be connected to all popular pressure transducers, including 4- or 6-wire, P10 series can read out peak and low pressure values, which can be reset as required using front-panel switches or by remote contact closure. A loop-break function provides early warning that something in the control loop has failed. Auto-Comp function for strain gauges minimizes process upsets due to sensor break by providing for the selection of a preset manual percentage output, or the last stable output when a sensor falls. A programmable setpoint ramp-up and ramp-down function is standard.


Model 3300 1/32 DIN temperature/pressure controller with digital interface. Also Windows-based software for trending, monitoring, and remote adjustment of the 3300 controllers.


Piezoresistive, piezoelectric, and strain-gauge pressure, force, and strain transducers with monitoring and control instrumentation, including amplifiers, signal conditioners, process/event monitors, and digital/analog controllers.

For monitoring clamp force and tiebar balancing, CFI-X series piezo force/strain transducers are mounted inside a tapped hole in the tiebar or untapped holes through a proprietary internal insert. Portable CFSG-2TX series of clamp-on extensiometers are mounted around each tiebar. Glued and spot-weldable external strain gauges also offered. A "four-in-one" electronic unit displays all four tiebars simultaneously with total clamp force.

APT and DPT families of piezoresistive pressure transducers for injection molding. APT offers switching capabilities for on/off actuation at adjustable setpoints. Modular design permits pressure port configurations with a choice of voltage or current output. For in-cavity melt pressure, models 4MO1 and 4MO2 quartz piezoelectric transducers are offered along with the associated cabling.

Advanced supporting electronics include the IPC-1 (Intelligent Process Controller) and four-channel MMC-1 and MMC-5 monitors/controllers. IPC-1 microprocessor-based monitor/controller features fuzzy-logic control of peak values, automatic display of end-of-cycle reports via serial printer or PC, four configurable electromechanical relays, seven logic outputs, flexible input (piezoelectric, strain-gauge, and/or voltage), automatic conversions of force to pressure and strain to tonnage.

MMC-5 four-channel version of IPC-1 has five LED displays (one configurable to display mathematical relationships between any of the four channels).

CFI-X series of axial sensors is for mold-mating force monitoring and control.


Pressure transmitters for 0 to 40 in. [H.sub.2]O to 3000 psi. Process connections as small as 1/2 in. NPT available, as are ANSI flanges.

Also level transmitters and switches. Ultrasonic, capacitance, pressure, conductance, float and displacer, and sounding reel types.


Melt-pressure transducers, pressure indicators, and controllers for extrusion or injection molding:

* PT420 high-accuracy pressure transducer for critical pressure and temperature measurements with [+ or -]0.25% accuracy to 30,000 psi.

* PT460 economical transducer with [+ or -]0.5% accuracy from 500 to 30,000 psi.

* PT4624 amplified-output pressure transmitter produces a 4-20 mA signal for long-distance transmission without noise interference and easier interfacing with PLCs or extruder control systems.

* PT240 pressure transmitters for hazardous or explosive areas, including fiber spinning and melt extrusion.

* PT460XL enhanced pressure transducers with extra-thick sensing diaphragm for improved abrasion and corrosion resistance.

* PT130 hydraulic-pressure transducer with contoured sensing diaphragm for accuracy, repeatability, and fatigue strength.

* PT465XL nozzle-pressure transducer with flexible armored cable for longer life, 8-mil-thick flush diaphragm, and accurate measurements to 30,000 psi and 750 F.

* PT449 direct-cavity pressure transducer mounts flush within the cavity and measures pressures up to 20,000 psi and 600 F melt temperatures.

* Indirect cavity-pressure transducers work from behind an ejector or sensing pin and install easily in restricted areas.

* Mechanical/electronic melt-pressure gauges provide local indication on extruders, easy readability, and resistance to vibration.

* UPC660 microprocessor-based, 1/4-DIN pressure controller with auto/manual mode, dual programmable alarms, adjustable PID control, dual LED displays, selectable mA/v d-c control output, and optional serial communications.

* UPR690 microprocessor-based, 1/4-DIN pressure indicator with analog and digital LED display, dual programmable alarms (optional third alarm), serial communications, pushbutton calibration, selectable voltage or current output.

* High-performance 1290 and 1291 indicators. The 1290 accepts direct input from 350-ohm strain-gauge pressure transducers, while the 1291 accepts voltage and current inputs. Both models feature compact 1/8-DIN horizontal design, two alarms, and optional RS485 interface.


Model 942 PID melt-pressure controller for extrusion accepts 350-ohm strain-gauge input and incorporates its own transducer power supply. Front panel features auto/manual station and high-visibility dual displays for viewing measured value and setpoint. Simple front-panel procedure calibrates the input transducer. Digital or analog communications available, in addition to two-alarm outputs.



Two digital-readout pressure indicators: Model DPM-100 with 3 1/2-digit resolution and accuracy of 0.25%; and model DPM-150 with 4 1/2-dight resolution and accuracy of 0.15%. Either can be calibrated for engineering units such as psi, tons, or force. Readouts designed for use with high-pressure, vacuum, melt-zone, and sanitary sensors. Units have easy-to-read 3/4-in. transflective displays and mount in standard 1/4-DIN panel openings.


SP series melt-pressure transducers feature low-volume capillary system to ensure thermal stability, while minimizing risk of process-fluid contamination. Features provide accuracy and fast response to temperature changes, while making the transducer less susceptible to flow erosion. Units reportedly last up to 10 times longer than conventional sensors.


Melt-pressure/temperature transducers designed with a solid steel force rod have pressure ranges from 250 to 45,000 psi, accuracies of 0.5%, stem lengths from 3.5 to 18 in., and thermocouple capability. Also offers full line of standard or armored cables.

Gentran Tuffgage is a complete melt-pressure gauge ruggedly designed that requires no external power. The cost-effective units include options such as alarms, stem length, flexible stem, pressure ranges and thermocouple power. Units require little maintenance and use no grease.

Analog and digital melt-pressure/temperature indicators in 1/4-DIN size available with alarms and various shunt calibration setpoints. Easy-to-read units are industry compatible with any two-arm, 350-ohm Wheatstone bridge pressure transducer.


Mercury-free transducers employ hydraulic-pressure transfer and are suitable for measurements up to 680 F.


Line of melt-pressure transducers features all-welded stainless-steel housing and a hard-faced chrome-plated measuring diaphragm on an all-stainless-steel stem for protection from abrasive and adhesive effects of the melt. These bonded strain gate units are offered in pressure ranges from 0-500 through 0-20,000 psig. Also featured are an integral calibration signal, choice of 0.5% FSO or 1.0% FSO accuracies for maximum economy, and variety of stem and capillary tubing lengths.

Spike series injection molding pressure transmitter engineered for high cyclic applications or applications susceptible to pressure spikes where zero stability is a concern.


Microprocessor-based pressure controllers for extrusion aid throughput stabilization by closed-loop feedback control of pressure at the die. The plug-in 1/4-DIN modules feature large LED readout, plus separate LCD display to allow calibration and mode changes. Single-channel and differential-pressure control forms available. Differential-pressure control is useful with melt pumps to increase metering accuracy and control continuous screen changers.


Pressure transducers with stainless-steel wetted parts monitor hydraulic pressures to 20,000 psi. Silicon micro-machined pressure transducers for use in noncorrosive gases up to 150 psi. Position transducers, both contact and noncontact, for linear displacements from 1/2 in. to 4 ft and rotary measurements up to 353 F.


Melt-pressure transducers, gauges, and alarm gauges. High-level output transducers and Factory Mutual-approved transmitters. Completely interchangeable with other brands. Also line of microprocessor-based instrumentation, 1/4-DIN and 1/8-DIN pressure indicators and 1/4-DIN pressure/temperature indicators. ISO 9002 certified.


Flush-mount piezoelectric quartz transducer for measuring cavity pressure in injection molding. Unit's 2.5-mm in-cavity sensor is said to be the smallest of its kind. Unisens 4-mm sensor offers uniform sensitivity between sensors, allowing mold changeovers without recalibrating. Direct and indirect measuring systems available. Behind-the-pin sensors match strain gauge dimensions and pricing. Piezoresistive silicon-wafer extrusion pressure sensor operates without a liquid medium and features a long-life diaphragm.

Line of electronic signal conditioners interfaces transducers to injection machine controls. Charge amplifiers control molding machine or provide analog outputs for monitoring. Specialized data-acquisition software for injection molding.


Pressure sensors for demanding environments in ranges of 0-0.5 to 0-10,000 psi. Units measure absolute, vented-gauge, or sealed-gauge pressure.


Pressure sensors and transducers for liquid and gas systems measure positive, negative, and absolute gauge pressures. Outputs include millivolt, amplified voltages, and current-loop signals. Options include meters, controllers, signal conditioners, cable, connectors, and tubing.


MicroAir precision ultra low-pressure regulators allow for automatic control of OD, ID and wall of extruded tubing. A model for high-speed operation of bump and tapered tubing also available. Units compliment company's UltraGage ultrasonic measurement and control systems for pipe and tubing.


Pressure transducers, monitors, controllers, and machine upgrade kits for injection molding.

T-400 series mold-cavity pressure transducers feature rugged, universal design with removable cable. Range from 125 to 2000 lb with 0.1% repeatability. Compatible with slide or button applications. NIST traceable.

T-6157 flush-mount transducers sense pressure in molds without accessible ejector pins. Direct drop-in strain-gauge replacement for piezoelectric-type sensors. NIST traceable.

T-3000 unamplified hydraulic pressure transducers provide direct replacement for all sensors currently provided with today's molding controls. Pressure ranges from 100 to 10,000 psi. NIST traceable.

T-3030 digital hydraulic pressure gauge features 0.5 psi resolution, 0 to 10,000 psi range, and quick disconnect. Readings for peak pressure, continuous pressure, fill times, and pressure over time integral. Output provides usersetable setpoint alarm. NIST traceable.

DartPak (Portable Analysis Kit) allows for in-plant and off-site collection of data for troubleshooting, mold tryouts, or machine evaluations. Channel assignments include hydraulic and mold pressure, screw movement and velocity, water flow rates, and thermocouple inputs.

DartScanner collects data from sensor inputs, which enables DartVision software to gather and organize data. DartScanner features five available channels and four digital-trigger inputs.


Complete range of industrial transducers and transmitters for monitoring gauge and absolute pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, load, weight, force, torque, displacement, and vibration. Amplifiers, signal conditioners, and digital readouts also available. Features include miniature size, high temperature, submersibility, flush diaphragm, and high-overload tolerance. Rugged all welded stainless-steel construction and a variety of pressure ports and mounting options. Ouptut available in mv/v, 0-5 or 0-10 vdc, or 4-20 mA. Pressure ranges from 10-in [H.sub.2]O to 60,000 psi, load ranges from 25 grams to 3 million lb.


Extrusion pressure transducers and transmitters from Terwin Instruments. Products utilize a patented stainless-steel "dual-tube" measurement technique. Instruments do not incorporate a mercury liquid-filled capillary tube measurement mechanism.


All-welded, all-titanium, miniature flush-mount (3/8-in. diam.) and 10-32 port pressure transducers for hydraulic, weighing, and general-purpose measurement from 25 to 5000 psi. Companion 3 1/2- and 4 1/2-digit displays provided in panel-mount DPMs and bar graphs.


Line of pressure transmitters includes rugged, low-cost sensors for injection molding ram-pressure control (models 340, 347); fast-response differential pressure sensors for container leak testing (models 374, 376); and pressure isolators to allow remote pressure sensing of processes sensitive to cross-contamination, particle accumulation, and viscous fluid problems (Series 23).


Full line of mechanical and electronic pressure/temperature instruments and diaphragm seals. Company is ISO 9001 certified.
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