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Presse-Druck, Augsburg, Saves Huge with ORIS Ink Saver.

Major German Newspaper Publishing Company Cuts Costs with Ink Reduction

MINNEAPOLIS -- CGS, the global leader of ORIS color management systems, helped Augsburger Presse-Druck (PD), a major German newspaper publishing company, save significant costs on paper, ink and press make-ready with ORIS Ink Saver. Because of ORIS Ink Saver's ease of implementation, Presse-Druck installed the CGS solution specifically for the production of color-intensive publications. By using ORIS Ink Saver, Presse-Druck quickly improved print quality, as well as increased press capacity for additional contract print jobs.

Presse-Druck, one of Germany's highest quality newspaper publishing houses, prints over 260,000 newspapers each day. In addition, high quality magazines for outside customers are produced utilizing an optimized printing plan. By using high-tech solutions including CtP (Computer-to-Plate), Presse-Druck handles digital publishing data from all regions of Europe.

In the past, complications with color intensive magazines were very common, particularly with advertisements exceeding the maximum of 240 percent TVI (per DIN ISO 12647-3). ORIS Ink Saver automatically optimizes the data so the use of too much color can be avoided, resulting in a clean untarnished look.

"With ORIS Ink Saver we can greatly increase the quality of images and graphics due to the optimized black configuration," explained Rudolf Lang, manager of digital prepress, Presse-Druck. "Photographs now show an increase of optical contrast due to the reduced over-saturation of CMY and the black channel boost."

ORIS Ink Saver automatically reduces the percentage of CMY ink by up to 25 percent in each color process by using a combination of color-managed Gray Component Replacement (GCR) and Under Color Removal (UCR). ORIS Ink Saver guarantees the same visual appearance and numeric measurements due to algorithmic solutions for vector and photo files. Optional format conversion and/or color space transformation is also available. Ultimately less CMY ink is laid down, resulting in reduced make-ready, faster run speeds and savings in labor, press time and paper waste. In addition, less ink and faster drying times result in significant energy savings and reduced VOC output.

Presse-Druck tested several systems to determine consistency and quality; they decided on ORIS not only for the cost savings, but also for the fast calculation of PDF/PS data and the integration of Adobe InDesign files.

"With the implementation of ORIS Ink Saver, we increased our customer satisfaction immensely," said Lang. "Print quality has improved and production time decreased."

About CGS Publishing Technologies:

Established in 1985, CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH, Hainburg, Germany, is a world leader in color proofing, productivity and production systems for the professional graphics arts market. Headquartered near Frankfurt, CGS also has operations in the Americas, as well as sales and support partners throughout the world. More information can be found on the CGS Web site,
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 26, 2007
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