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Press series provides accessibility, productivity, man-machine dialogue.

With the launch of its G9 rubber injection press line, featured in this six-page, four-color brochure, the company is said to have entered into a new stage in the design of its presses. Through the G9 family, the company is said to be meeting the requirements expressed by its customers in terms of accessibility, productivity and man-machine dialogue.

The V79 is said to be doubly innovative in its market. It is a logical addition to the company's range, with a closing force of 5,000 kN. It is the first model of the G9 generation, whose principles will soon be extended to the V68, V58 and V48 models.

The heating platen in the moveable traverse is located at operator height, enabling the press to be used without any special adjustments and to be easily relocated if necessary.

Improved productivity due to reduced machine cycle time and mold change time is said to be offered with this model. In this respect, the V79, as well as the G9 range in general, is said to improve even further the performance of the previous generations.

Like the G8 line, the plastification and injection functions are separate. This is said to ensure feeding accuracy and precise temperature control. The horizontal position of the extruder puts the feed inlet within arm's reach.

As a result of this new design, the ergonomics and accessibility are said to be incomparable. Mold thickness adjustment is automatic. The heating platen on the moveable traverse is at operator height and its open position is constant, whatever the mold thickness.

Dry cycle time has been reduced, as a result of the improvements to the closing unit.

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Date:Sep 22, 2005
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