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Press Headlines for Monday, July 14 2014-07-14.

Following are the headlines of the newspapers which were issued in Khartoum on Monday, July 14, 2014:

Al-Ahram Al-Yom:

President Al-Bashir: The elections will be in the fixed time. The Rapid Support Forces have crushed rebellion.

Sand storms destroy 809 houses and cause losses in lives northern of Shendi.


Khartoum State holds Damas trees responsible for the water cuts.

President Al-Bashir rejects criticism directed against Rapid Support Forces.

Mustafa Osman Ismail isolates himself in Egypt and says no matter if collapses.


Death and injury of tens of people in aggression on Um-Badir.

Serious violations in employment in the Blue Nile State.


Higher committee formed to check mistake in the Arabic language exam of Secondary School Certificate.

The first land port between Sudan and Egypt to be inaugurated tomorrow (Tuesday).

The Germans beat Argentine and win the World Cup.


President Al-Bashir: There is no reason to postpone elections. The end of current year will witness eradication of rebellion.

Assistant of the President of the Republic: National dialogue is facing obstacles and hindrances.


President Al-Bashir: No reasons to postpone the elections. Rapid Support Forces have squashed the outlaws.

Sand storms cause deaths and losses in properties in Kaboshiya area.


Sudan will be declared free of rebellion by the end of the current year.

Influential leading figures in National Congress stand against relieving Speaker of National Assembly.

Sudan calls for international protection for the Palestinians.

Al-Rai Al-Am:

President Al-Bashir: The crime done by the Rapid Support Forces was their defeats to the outlaws.

Nimir: Face and shape of the National Capital will be changes within one year.


President Al-Bashir defends Rapid Support Forces and condemns criticism directed against it.

Akher Lahza:

Elections will never be postponed, even for a single day.

Minister of Education: Anyone who is not satisfied with result of Sudanese Certificate result can present complaint.

National Congress: Parliament Speaker will remain in his position with agreement of the leadership.

Akhbar Al-Yom:

Death and injury of people in clashes in North Kordofan and Director the state's Police reveals the reasons.

Secretary of Musa Hilal denies that he resorted to rebellion and signed agreement with Revolutionary Front.


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Publication:Sudan News Agency
Date:Jul 14, 2014
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