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Presidents of the Florida Bar.

Richard H. Hunt Miami 1950

John T. Wiggington Tallahassee 1951

John M. Allison Tampa 1952

William A. McRae, Jr. Bartow 1953

Horner C. Fisher West Palm Beach 1953

Darrey A. Davis Miami Beach 1954

Donald K. Carroll Jacksonville 1955

J. Lance Lazonby Gainesville 1956

Baya M. Harrison, Jr. St. Petersburg 1957

O. B. McEwan Orlando 1958

J. Lewis Hall Tallahassee 1959


Clyde Atkins Miami 1960

Charles B. Fulton West Palm Beach 1961

Reginald L. Williams Miami 1962

Delbridge L. Gibbs Jacksonville 1963

Chesterfield H. Smith Lakeland 1964

Robert M. Ervin Tallahassee 1965

Fletcher G. Rush Orlando 1966

William P. Simmons, Jr. Miami 1967

Marshall M. Criser Palm Beach 1968

Mark Hulsey, Jr. Jacksonville 1969


Burton Young N. Miami Beach 1970

John M. McCarty Ft. Pierce 1971

Wm. Reece Smith, Jr. Tampa 1972

Earl B. Hadlow Jacksonville 1973

James A. Urban Orlando 1974

J. Rex Farrior, Jr. Tampa 1975

Edward J. Adkins Miami 1976

Russell Troutman Winter Park 1977

Robert L. Floyd Miami 1978

L. David Shear Tampa 1979


Leonard H. Gilbert Tampa 1980

Samuel S. Smith Miami Beach 1981

James C. Rinaman, Jr. Jacksonville 1982

William O. E. Henry Lakeland 1983

Gerald F. Richman Miami 1984

Patrick G. Emmanuel Pensacola 1985

Joseph Reiter West Palm Beach 1986

Ray Ferrero, Jr. Ft. Lauderdale 1987

Rutledge R. Liles Jacksonville 1988

Stephen N. Zack Miami 1989


James Fox Miller Hollywood 1990

Benjamin H. Hill III Tampa 1991

Alan T. Dimond Miami 1992

Patricia A. Seitz Miami 1993

William F. Blews St. Petersburg 1994

John a. DeVault III Jacksonville 1995

John W. Frost, II Bartow 1996

Edward R. Blumberg Miami 1997

Howard C. Coker Jacksonville 1998

Edith G. Osman Miami 1999

Herman J. Russomanno Miami 2000
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