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Presidential retirement.

CaICPA member Jeannine English was recently announced as the AARP president-elect. This is was a result or her deciding to take her retirement to the next level ... and work with the AARP to improve California government. We asked English about that work, and what We future has in store For her.

How's retirement treating you?

The founder of AARP, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, refers to this time in your life as "retirements" and I think that kind of works for me, as well. It's a great opportunity to be involved with issues and activities that you believe can make a differences in the lives of others. In fact. I'm as busy now as I ever was. My son says. "You work full time for AARP but don't make any money. That's crazy !" I tell him, "it's not crazy when you what you're doing."

What sort of work did you do with our state government?

I had a long career in state government. Beginning as a financial auditor with the Department of Finance and concluding as the excessive director of the Little Hoover Commission a position I held for 10 years. The commission is an independent oversight agency. Created to review and evaluate state government programs and services, and to promote economy. Efficiency and improved services to the public. My accounting and auditing background was very instrumental in preparing me For that role.

What did representing the accounting profession entail?

After leaving state government I was a principle, and then a partner, in a lobbying firm that represented a multitude of different interests. During that period. I represented the accounting profession and lobbied for reforms that set up the pathways for licensure.

Is there a political role model in your life?

There have been a number or people that I've viewed as role models. Generally, they're not famous although I admire Eleanor Roosevelt but people who simply make a difference in the lives or others. There are many such individuals that I have met through AARP who have volunteered to improve the lives of the most vulnerable among us.


You are all powerful. How would you improve California?

Technical and procedural innovations such as vote-by-mail, Election Day registration and universal registration should be developed to maximize voting participation and improve voting systems. I would ensure that government is transparent and accountable. with a greater reliance on public campaign financing to prevent the electoral process Irons being skewed toward major contributors.

What will it mean to you to serve as AARP president?

In May 2014 I will succeed Rob Romasco AARP president. . Among my duties as the principle volunteer spokesperson for AARP. I Will discuss our positions and views in speeches and media interviews: represent AARP at national and international events: testify at congressional committee on Capitol Hill; and continue to serve on AARP's board, which approves AARP's budget. policies. programs. activities and services.

What's top of your agenda as AARP president-elect?

My principle role as president-elect will be to chair the all-volunteer AARP National Policy Council, Which represents diverse cross-Section of our members WhO have public policy experience. The council develops policy recommendations to serve the 3 million AARP members. We concentrate on the issues that our members air most concerned about: economic security, affordable health care, long-term care and ensuring that our democracy works better for ns all.

How will you kick up your heels when (if?)you ever retire?

I hope that I can continue for many years to work to build a society in which everyone ages with dignity and purpose. I'm inspire by former AARP President Tess Canja of Florida who, at age 85, serves as president or an AARP chapter among her many activities. She also has recently finished writing a book. and says she'll start thinking about slowing down when she hits 100.

What was at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro which I did to celebrate my 30th birthday pushed me to my physical and mental limits. But it provided me with a clear understanding of how important hard work. dedication and drive are to accomplish anything meaningful. And. what's actually at the top is a rather makeshift wooden sign that says, "Congratulations! You are now at the highest point of the worlds highest free-standing mountain." After what it takes to get there, it's the most beautiful sign in the world!
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