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Presidential form is also democratic.

Byline: DR IQBAL

Politicians must not be left to destroy institutions in the name of democracy

Democracy was known to be a system of government that is run by the people who live under it. The people rule either directly or through elected representatives who ensure that it is the government, 'of the people, by the people, for the people'. This is precisely the reason that the Constitution of Pakistan requires the elected representatives to be sagacious, righteous, non profligate, honest and ameen. The Constitution has, thus, prohibited the dacoits, thieves, money launderers, land grabbers, shamelessly corrupt and outrageous exploiters from having anything to do with the affairs of the state. It is highly unfortunate and regrettable that in the Islamic Republic, generally speaking, the inferior and qualitatively lower level of individuals found their easy entry into the body politic of the country. What could you expect from such mortals except mega corruption, heinous crimes, scandals, shameless and misleading rhetoric, hollow slogans, bad governance when given a chance, loot and plunder of the national exchequer, unique show of political nepotism, exploitation and even conspiracies to undermine the national security and interests of the state?

There is no law they will hesitate to violate. These political inchoates have violated every norm of conduct. Illiteracy has been chosen as the best opiate to keep the masses ignorant and at bay by these cunning few. This is the Islamic Republic in which thugs, thieves, dacoits, exploiters, plunderers and violators of every law of the land roam around in expensive luxury vehicles and live in palatial mansions while the common mortals do not have the basics like drinking water, heath care and shelter. Do voters deserve respect or do those who are constantly robbing them?

Assets of national pride and strength like steel mill, PIA, industrial complexes, are all in danger of collapse while the foreign debt has risen to an alarming level of over $93 billion and circular debt is over Rs 900 billion. No one has the sense to care about the looming water shortages, or the alarming population explosion with declining agri produce to feed people. In spite of all this, proclaimed absconders in exile, and through open auction many more, are being elected in this ridiculous, laughable and tragic system. Courts are over burdened to deliver. Civil servants, generally, little more than servile, slimy facilitators, bowing and scraping while obsequiously pleasing their illiterate fake-degree-holder political masters, do enjoy their share of a few grubby crumbs thrown their way. Every single state enterprise being run by the politically favorite immoral, shameless, corrupt, complicit bureaucrats, is inefficient and loss-making.

Graylisting as a nation of money launderers and terrorism financers ( no matter how incorrect) has occurred, but the idiots at the helm of affairs, who are totally self centred, do not realize the immense implications of blacklisting, and that graylisting is an important procedural step to shutting down.

We have to stand up to the world. We cannot allow others to kick us around. Our foreign policy and performance are in tatters. We urgently need leadership with highest level of morality, boldness, wisdom and power of character which can lead the nation internally and externally and with the highest level of confidence give a message to friends and foes.

Yet this blighted lot continues to cry out the hoax of their version of democracy. Yes! Their version of democracy surely is the best revenge. Have they not, yet, satisfied themselves with the hatred and revenge they have already inflicted on this nation? Probably not! That is why now they are bent upon challenging and demolishing the remaining organs of state which have so far stood their ground, namely the judiciary and our armed forces. Let me explain to these morons that this is not democracy. At best it is elected, manipulated KLEPTOCRACY or more accurately, DEMONOCRACY.

Democracy means transparency, efficiency, accountability, service delivery, social development and nation building, but it is all Greek to the nincompoop politicians of Pakistan. Let me caution those who have been blessed with the resources and means to change things, that the thugs in the garb of politicians have already struck a serious blow to the federation by introducing the notorious 18th Amendment which has fragmented the country into five independent states. They have crossed all limits and are threatening every institution of the state. Giving another chance to these manipulators for rigged, purchased and manipulated elections shall pose the most serious threat to the integrity of the state. They have amply shown how shamelessly and quickly they can make changes to the Constitution for their own aggrandizement. They must not be allowed to be successful in their nefarious plans against the integrity of the state and its institutions.

The clock has already struck. Give them another chance and they will mutilate the Constitution and any law that hinders their nefarious plans for the furtherance of loot and plunder and taking revenge from the people of Pakistan through their version of democracy. Time has come to reverse the process of decline and degradation by carving out a new manifesto to realize the dreams and aspirations of the people of Pakistan.

We are a nuclear power. We have the best armed forces in the world. Our judiciary have duly become proactive. We have young and vibrant work force. We are blessed with the best agricultural land mass with four seasons. We have one of the most hardworking workforces. Our business leaders and trading community are second to none. One of our most valuable assets are the overseas Pakistanis who are always ready to shoulder any responsibility for the state. Once convinced of the integrity of their government the people of Pakistan have the potential to face all odds, cross any hurdle, confront any foe and emerge victorious.

The whole nation has pinned its hopes on those who have the power to change things. Presidential form of Government is also democratic. If the integrity and existence of the state is to carry on and its geographic entity is to survive in its current borders, bold decisions cannot be delayed any more. The Presidential system of Government with 22 administrative units called 'states' and, eventually, with directly elected President and State Governors, remains the only option to take Pakistan out of the deepening mess. Pakistan urgently needs a few determined good men to sort out the mess and steer the boat out of turbulent waters. The present economic disaster urgently needs professional management. The corrupted democracy can wait till true democracy can take root. Now Pakistan certainly needs good governance by those who are sagacious, righteous, non-profligate, honest and ameen. There is no dearth of men of character in Pakistan.

We have to stand up to the world also. We cannot allow others to kick us around. Our foreign policy and performance are in tatters. We urgently need leadership with highest level of morality, boldness, wisdom and power of character which can lead the nation internally and externally and with the highest level of confidence give a message to friends and foes,

' Let every nation know , whether it wishes it well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe for survival, success, freedom and liberty of our nation.'

' Also let every one know that only when our forces are strong and invincible and our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that peace shall be maintained and arms shall never be employed.'

' We will never negotiate out of fear but shall never fear to negotiate.'
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Publication:Pakistan Today (Lahore, Pakistan)
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Date:Apr 30, 2019
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