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President-elect East Central Division. (Division Elections).

Mark Mrozinski served for thirteen years as coordinator of the Harper Music Academy, a community music school affiliated with William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. While at the Harper Music Academy, he was responsible for shepherding its growth from 250 students to more than 700 students in 2001. Currently, he is operations manager for continuing education at Harper College. An independent piano teacher for several years, Mark, along with his wife Levonne, maintained a studio in his home. He has taught piano in both group and private lessons to children and adults; he also has taught college-level music theory, music history and appreciation, as well as class piano. Mark continues to be an active clinician and adjudicator.

Mark holds a bachelor's degree in music from Wilkes University and a master's degree in music from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; both degrees are in piano performance. His teachers have included Anne Vanko Liva, Roosevelt Newson, Walter Hautzig, Duke Miles and Kenneth Drake.

His MTNA service began with chairing a competition for his local association. At the state level, Mark has served as group piano chair, piano chair, newsletter editor, and most recently as president of the Illinois State MTA. While president, he was elected three times to chair the Council of State Presidents. Mark currently serves on MTNA's State Syllabus Task Force.

In addition to his work as a teacher and administrator, Mark has composed several supplementary piano teaching pieces. His compositions are published by The Frederick Harris Music Company. Most recently, he has collaborated with Cathy Albergo and J. Mitzi Kolar to write a beginning piano method, Celebrate Piano!, due to be released in March 2003.

Mark lives in suburban Chicago with his wife and children Benjamin and Emma. Mark's other interests include chess and running. He recently completed his second marathon.

"MTNA fills two vital roles in the life of the professional music teacher--relationships and resources. MTNA initially grew out of the need for independent music teachers to feel connected to other teachers, to share ideas, concerns and passions. These teachers found, as most healthy organizations do, that by pooling their efforts (resources), they could create great programming for themselves and their students that helped them to grow and meet the challenges of the teaching profession. This programming has taken many forms over the years, most notably our competitions, workshops, and conferences. I believe that, even after 125 years, the heart of MTNA remains the same--relationships and resources. The way we connect may change; the resources we need may grow and vary; but our primary professional needs change little.

"We must keep these purposes in mind as we seek new ways to attract young teachers to our organization. You may be aware that the average age of our membership is slowly creeping upward. This is not a good sign. The promise of our beloved MTNA lies in our young professionals; and to reach them, we must remain focused on the heart of our purpose. Though the mediums for relationships change (websites, e-mail), and the resources change and grow (liability insurance, zoning issues), we must meet the needs of these teachers or they will turn elsewhere. This, of course, is the daily challenge that all professional organizations face in their efforts to remain relevant. We must be in touch with the needs of the young teacher. If we don't know what their needs are, we must find them out! Only then will we be upholding our responsibility to MTNA's legacy: passing on a vital and growing organization that meets the needs of today's and tomorrow's teachers," he says.

Lynn Singleton is an independent music teacher from Columbus, Ohio. She received bachelor's and master's degrees in music from Bowling Green State University and has taught piano for twenty-seven years. Lynn has served as convention coordinator, vice president, president and is the immediate past president of the Ohio MTA. She is active as a clinician, adjudicator and collaborative musician.

"MTNA is an important and vital organization whose contribution to the music teaching profession is significant. It is an honor to be asked to give something back to an organization that has given so much," she says.

Due to the death of East Central Division President-elect Carol Winborne, a special election to fill the President-elect position is being held.
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