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President meets with a delegation of the Iraqi Communist Party.

BAGHDAD / NINA / The President of the Republic Fuad Masum confirmed the need for everyone to a comprehensive review of each of visions and policies in the overall aspects of the state.

A statement by his office stated that: "President Masum received today a delegation from the Iraqi Communist Party, headed by Raed Fahmi and praised the history of the Communist Party and its cultural effectiveness in the society and build a national modern history that enhances the importance of participation in the current political life."

He added: "During the meeting, the two sides talk about what the country is going through and dangerous and great challenges, which require everyone to unite and participate in the creation of a national perceptions about the nature of the future."

The statement said: "The delegation put forward a proposal to hold a real national conference to provide an atmosphere of serious debate and constructive dialogue to assess the problems of reality and ways to solve them."

The statement continued: "Masum expressed support for this conference, stressing the need for everyone to comprehensive review for visions and policies in the overall aspects of the state," /End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Date:Aug 17, 2014
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