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President Light Brie.

President recently introduced a new 7-oz. Light Brie, specifically targeted at the health-conscious specialty cheese consumer. Light Brie boasts 50 percent less fat, 30 percent fewer calories and one-half the cholesterol when compared to the regular version. But, more importantly, how does it taste? I put a wheel of it to the test one night, served alongside a wedge of regular brie and drizzled with honey to some discriminating dinner guests. It stood up quite well, with all but one guest saying it had all the taste of standard brie, with a distinctive flavor and creamy texture. I tried the Light Brie the next day melted on a sandwich between crusty French bread, roasted turkey and apple slices. While it did take a few minutes longer to melt than regular brie, I really enjoyed its rich, creamy taste, and with half the fat, it's perfect for indulging my taste buds without adding to my waistline. For more information, visit

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Title Annotation:President Baking Company Inc. introduces Light Brie cheese products
Author:Montalvo, Kristin V.
Publication:Gourmet Retailer
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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