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President Al-Assad Issues Decree No. 146 on New Government Formation, Premiered by Adel Safar.

Damascus, (SANA) -- President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday issued decree No.

146 stipulating the formation of the new government in the Syrian Arab Republic premiered by Dr.

Adel Safar as follows:

Decree No.


President of the Republic

Based on the rules of the constitution, the following is decreed:

Article 1: the cabinet of the Syrian Arab Republic is formed as follows:


Prime Minister: Dr.

Adel Safar

- Born in Damascus countryside, 1953.

- Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Agriculture in 1977.

- Diploma from the Higher National School for Agriculture and Food Industries (NANCY) in 1983.

- PhD in Biotechnology in 1987.

- Agronomist at the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Lands and Dry Zones (ACSAD), 1978 -1981.

- Delegate Lecturer to the Higher National School for Agriculture and Food Industries (NANCY), 1981-1987.

-Faculty of Agriculture Secretary at Damascus University, 1992-1997.

- Member of the Permanent Committee for Agricultural Research at Damascus University,1996-2001.

- Deputy of the rapporteur of Agriculture sciences and veterinary medicine committee, 1997-2001.

- Dean of Agriculture Faculty at Damascus University,1997-2000.

- Secretary of Damascus University Branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party2000-2002.

- Chairman of the national committee for biosphere in Syria, 2000-2004.

- Director-General of the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Lands and Dry Zones (ACSAD), 2002-2003.

- Minister of Agriculture, 2003-2011.

- Married with four children.

2.Minister of Defense: Lieutenant General Ali Habib

- Born in Tartous Province, 1939.

- Joined the Syrian Arab Army, 1959.

- Graduated from the Military Faculty and attended various military courses,1962.

-Got the rank of Lieutenant General in the Syrian Arab Army, 1998.

-Leader ofthe Sultan Jacob battle against the Israeli enemy in Lebanon,1982.

-Leader of the Syrian Arab forces in the second Gulf War, 1990-1991.

- Commander of the Special Forces,1994.

- Minister of Defense in the previous government, 2009.

- He was awarded several military orders for the glorious efforts he exerted during October Liberation War.

-Married with 4 sons.


Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Walid al-Moallem

- Born in Damascus,1941.

- Studied at public schools,1948-1960.

-Degree from Cairo University, Faculty of Economics,1963.

- Joined the Foreign Ministry and served in missions to Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Spain and England, 1964.

- Syria's Ambassador to Romania,1975-1980.

- Head of authentication and translation department at the Foreign Ministry,1980-1984.

-Head of Private Offices Department, 1984-1990.

- Syria's Ambassador to the United States of America, 1990-1999.

-Assistant Foreign Minister, 2000.

- Deputy Foreign Minister, 2005.

- Participated in the Syrian-Israeli peace talks,1991-1999.

-Foreign Minister in the previous government.

- Has four books: Palestine and Armed Peace 1970, Syria during Mandate from 1917 to 1948, Syria from Independence to Union from 1948 to 1958, and The World and the Middle East in the US Perspective.

-Married with three sons.


Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources: Engineer Sufian Allaw

- Born in al-Bukamal, Deir Ezzor, 1944.

- University degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Aleppo University, 1966.

- Engineer at the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment, 1966-1967.

- Investment Director of the Facility at the General Establishment of the Euphrates Dam, 1967-1980.

- Engineer at the Ministry of Irrigation, 1980-1983.

- Engineer at the Prime Minister's Office for Energy Affairs, 1983-1984.

- Assistant Electricity Minister, 1984-2004.

- Expert at the State Planning Commission, 2004-2005.

- Expert at the Energy Department at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia -- ESCWA, 2004.

- Married with five children.


Minister of Communications and Technology: Dr.

Imad Abdel-Ghani Sabouni

- Born in Damascus, 1964.

- PhD from Grenoble National Polytechnic Institute, France.

- Degree in Engineering from Ecole Nationale Superieur des Telecommunications in Brest, France.

- Director General of the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment, 2003 -- 2006.

- Chairman of the Syrian Computer Society.

- Advisor to Minister of communications and Technology.

- Participated in composing the dictionary of Computer Terms published by the Syrian Computer Society.

- Member of the Syrian Secretariat of the Technical Committee on Using the Arabic Language in Information Technology.

- Participated in work teams at the Arab League, the International Telecommunications Union and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA).

- Minister of Communications and Technology in the previous government.

- Married with two daughters.


Minister of Endowments (Awqaf): Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed

- Born in Tartus,1958.

-University Degree in Economy and Trade.

-PhD in Islamic Studies from Damascus University.

- Director of Religious Endowments and the Mufti of Tartous Province from 1985 to 2002.

- Assistant Minister of Endowments for Religious Affairs, 2002.

- He has a lot of religious studies and gave many social and religious lectures.

- Participated in many Islamic conferences.

- Married with three children.


Minister of Local Administration: Omar Ibrahim Ghalawanji

-Born in Tartous in 1954.

- Degree from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Tishreen University in 1978.

- Director of a number of the military housing institution's directorates, 1978 - 2000.

-Deputy Chairman of Lattakia Municipality, 1997 - 2000.

- Director of the General Housing Establishment.

- Minister of Housing and Construction in the former government.

- Married with 4 children, 3 daughters and one son.


Minister of Presidential Affairs: Mansour Fadlallah Azzam

- Born in Sweida,1960.

- Degree in the French Literaturefrom Damascus University,1983.

- Diploma in Translation and Arabizing1985.

- Diploma in international relations from the National Institute for the General Administration in Paris.

- Diplomatat the Foreign Ministry, 1994.

- Official of the Cultural Affairs and the US Congress Affairs at the Syrian Embassy in Washington,1995 -- 2000.

- Advisor in the Foreign Ministry and Deputy Director of Protocol Affairs, 2000-2002.

- Deputy Director of Protocol at the State Presidency, 2003-2008.

- Secretary general of the State Presidency, 2008.

- Minister of Presidential Affairs in the former Government.

- Married with 3 daughters.


Minister of Tourism: Lamia Merei Assi

- Born in Damascus Countryside, 1955.

- Bachelor degree in Trade, Damascus University.

- MA in Business Administration, the Higher Institute of Business Administration, 2005.

- Assistant Finance Minister for Technology Affairs, 2002-2004.

- Syria's Ambassador to Malaysia, 2004-2010.

- Minister of Economy and Trade in the former Government.

- Married with three children.


Minister of Culture: Mohammad Riyad Hussein Ismat

- Born in Damascus,1947.

-UniversityDegreefrom Damascus University, Faculty of Letters, English Department,1968.

- PhD in Drama from the United States of America,1988.

- Minister of Culture in the previous government.

- Married with three children.


Minister of Irrigation: George Malki Soumi

- Born in Qamishli, 1943.

- Expert in Irrigation and Land Reclamation.

- PhD in Technical Sciences in the field of irrigation and land reclamation, Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Hydrotechnics and Land Reclamation, 1975.

- Director of Irrigation and Water Use Directorate at the Ministry of Agriculture, 1986-2003.

- Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).

- Head of the Arab Team for Rationalization of Water Use in Arab Agriculture of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development.

- Expert at the UN in the field of Integrated Management of Water Resources.

- Expert at the State Planning Commission.

- Worked with the International Fund for Agricultural Development on water situation in the Northeastern region.

- Worked as consultant at the Irrigation Committee at the People's Assembly.

- Has over 265 publications in the field of water researches.

- Married with an only son and two daughters.


Minister of Justice: Judge Tayseer Qala Awwad

- Born in Damascus,1943.

- Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Law,1974.

- Member of the Higher Judiciary Council.

- Married with five children.


Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform: Riyad Farid Hijab

- Born in Deir Ezzor,1966.

- Secretary of Deir Ezzor branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, 2004-2008.

- Governor of Quneitera Province, 2008-2011.

- Governor of Lattakia Province 2011.

- Married with 4 children.


Minister of Social Affairs and Labor: Radwan al-Habib

- Born in Aleppo Province, 1962.

- Graduated from Aleppo University, Faculty of Law,1986.

- PhD in Administration from French University,1997.

- Member of the People's Assembly, 2003-2007.

- Married with 4 children.


Minister of Higher Education: Dr.

Abdul-Razzaq Sheikh Issa

- Born in Damascus,1955.

- PhD in the physiology of digestion, 1988.

- Secretary of Medicine Faculty at Damascus University,1996-2000.

- Assistant Higher Education Minister, 2006-2008.

- Married with five children.


Minister of Interior: Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar

- Born in Lattakia Province, 1950.

- Joined the armed forces in1971.

- Commander of the military police.

- Married with 5 children.


Minister of Finance: Mohammad al-Jleilati

- Born in Damascus,1945.

- Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Economics,1967.

- PhD in Economics and Finance from the previous Soviet Union,1975.

- Executive Director of Damascus Securities Exchange, 2009.

- Married with 5 children.


Minister of Economy and Trade: Mohammad Nidal al-Shaar

- Born in Aleppo,1956.

- Graduated from Aleppo University, Faculty of Economics,1980.

- PhD in Economics from the University of George Washington.

- Professor at Aleppo University, Faculty of Economics,1996-2001.

- Married with a daughter and a son.


Minister of Education: Saleh al-Rashed

- Born in Aleppo,1964.

- University Degree in Political Sciences.

- Diploma in International Relations from Aleppo University.

- Master Degree in International Relations /relations between Syria and the European Union/.

- PhD in political sciences on partnership agreements between the European Union and the Arab countries after Barcelona Declaration.

- Lecturer at Aleppo University,1995-2005.

- Director of Aleppo Education Directorate, 2007-2010.

- Married with two sons.


Minister of Health: Wael Nader al-Halqi

- Born in Daraa,1964.

- Graduated from Damascus University, faculty of Medicine,1987.

- Director of Health Care Directorate in Jassem city,1997-2000.

- Secretary of Daraa branch for al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, 2000-2004.

-Chief of Syria's Doctors, 2010.

- Married with four children.


Minister of Housing and Construction: Hala Mohammad al-Nasser

- Born in Raqqa Province, 1964.

- Graduated from Aleppo University, Faculty of Civil Engineering,1992.

- Assistant Director of Technical Services in Raqqa province.

- Member of Raqqa branch leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.

- Chief of Syria's Engineers, 2009.

- Married with three children.


Minister of Transport: Fayssal Abbas

- Born on Hama province,1955.

- Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,1977.

- MA in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University, USA,1982.

- PhD in Information Technology,1986.

- Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Damascus University, 2000-2007.

- Rector of the International Private University for Technology and Science, 2007.

- Married with two sons.


Minister of Electricity: Imad Mohammad Deeb Khamis

- Born in Damascus Countryside, 1961.

- Graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 1981.

- Director-General of the General Establishment for Investing Electrical Power,2008.

- Married with 3 children.


Minister of Information: Adnan Hassan Mahmoud

- Born in Tartous in 1966.

- University Degree in Information from Damascus University.

- MA in Information from Information College, Cairo University, 1996.

- PhD in Information from Cairo University, 2003.

- Staff Member of the information College of Damascus University.

- Participated in scores of Arab and international information conferences and forums and presented researches and applied studies.

- Worked as correspondent for Syrian Radio and TV.

- Director of SANA Office in Egypt, 1996-2000.

- Director General and editor-in-Chief of SANA since 26-April-2004.

- Married with two children.


Minister of Industry: Adnan Salkho

- Born in Damascus,1955.

- Graduated from Damascus University ,Geology Department, 1984.

- Director of Damascus Countryside Industry Directorate, 1992- present.

- Married with a son and a daughter.


State Minister for Environmental Affairs: Kawkab Sabah al-Daya

- Born in Banias and graduated from Pharmacy College.

- PhD from Damascus University.

- Professor at Damascus University.

- Assistant Health Minister in 1993.

- Director of Health, Environment and Population Bureau in the General Federation of Women.

- Minister of State in the Former Government.

- Married with 3 sons.


State Minister: Yousef Suleiman Ahmad

- Born in Hasaka, 1956.

- University degree in Economy, Damascus University, 1990.

- Degree from the Institute of Social Sciences in Moscow.

- Member of the People's Assembly, 1994, Deputy Head of the Financial Laws Committee.

- Member of the Politburo of the Syrian Communist Party since 1995.


State Minister: Ghiath Jeraatli

- Born in Salamiya, Hama,1950.

- Degree in Architecture from Aleppo University, 1975.

- Worked at the institution of investment of Euphrates basin, 1975.

- Practicing free engineering work in his own office since 1981.

- Member of the General Conference of Syrian Engineers Syndicate.

- Member of the Committee of Architecture Department.

- Member of the Committee of Media and Publishing at the Syndicate branch in Aleppo.


State Minister: Hussein Mahmoud Ferzat

- Born in Hama in 1957.

- An Architect graduated from Aleppo University in 1980.

- Member of Hama City Council for 3 sessions.

- Member of Parliament.

- Secretary General of Arab Socialists Movement Branch in Hama and member of the Movement Politburo.

- Minister of State in the former Government.

- Married with 5 sons.


Minister of State: Joseph Suwaid

- Born in Damascus, 1958.

- B.A.

in Law, Damascus University in 1983.

- Lawyer and former MP and member of the Parliament Foreign and Constitutional Committee.

- Secretary of the Syrian Socialist National Party.

- Minister of Expatriates in the former Government.

Minister of State: Hassan al-Sari

- Born in Hama, 1953.

- University degree in Arabic language, Damascus University 1979.

- Poet and member of Arab Writers Union.

- Secretary of Socialist Unionist Party/Hama Branch, and member of the Party's Central Committee.

- Minister of State in the former Government.

- Married with one child.

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