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President's message.

"What if McGyver was a nurse ... how cool would that be!" That statement, from one of my new grad nurses, sparked a lively discussion among myself and three new RNs as we attempted to safely transfer a de-conditioned patient from bed to chair. Channeling the Eighties icon who battled villans with legendary combinations of paperclips, rubberbands, ketchup bottles, toothpicks and cool common sense, we assessed the best use of our limited resources. Every day, with a combination of high and low tech resources, Maryland's 68,000 registered nurses "McGyver" health care resources to improve patient outcomes.

In today's dynamic health care environment, those "McGyver" skills; optimism, creativity, innovation, safe, efficient and effective use of limited resources poise Maryland's Registered Nurses for Health Care Leadership. New mandates require new care delivery models, and in turn new economic, ethical and resource allocation models will evolve.

And, like in every action packed series, the timer is ticking. Where are you poised professionally in today's healthcare environment? What combinations of education, skills and leadership will you need to ensure that you as a healthcare professional clip the right wire to ensure a safe outcome for your patients and your profession?

Don't panic! You have a secret weapon that action stars and super heroes envy. The Maryland Nurses Association has its own legendary combination of optimism, creativity and innovation. Please join us October 11 and 12 at the Anne Arundel Medical Center Doordan Health Sciences Pavilion for 110 years of nursing knowledge and expertise. Our 2013 convention presenters will provide you with Top Secret insight into how Maryland Nurses are "Expanding Horizons for Improving Outcomes."

I hope to see you in October! P.S. Don't forget your safety pins, nursing scissors, Kerlex, Ace Wrap paperclips and rubberbands. ...

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Author:Ernst, Neysa
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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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