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President's message: participation in the creation of new communities for Rogerian science.

Well, a big hello to everybody from Wales, which is definitely not (as most people will now know), part of England! Although I am safely separated from most of you geographically (thus feeling fairly safe should I commit any dreadful Rogerian errors), I still feel an enormous sense of responsibility and pride sitting in the position of President of the SRS. The geographical distance is difficult, but in keeping with W the ever increasing complexity of the modern world--eat humble pie those who questioned Martha's Principle of Helicy--there are many ways to overcome those difficulties. There is of course merely paying acute attention to the intuitive and the significance of potentially synchronous events. There is, much more pragmatically, the Internet of course; the Unitary Health Care homepage, Bear's discussion list and programs like MS Net Meeting, Messenger and Skype enable us all to keep in touch with relative ease. And it is with this in mind that I hope the administration of the SRS will become more electronic. And I know that this is a rather Circuitous way of reaching the main thrust or theme of this small piece, but I've got there in the end, so here goes:

I was bemoaning, to myself, the apparent absence of, or difficulty in reaching, Rogerian-based work in general. For example, some, if not most of the wonderful Ropers- based texts that have been produced are now out of print and/or are very difficult to get hold of; and even in Nursing Science Quarterly, Rogerian-based articles are relatively unusual. However in order to build what I have called the MeRepository, a web-based digital record, or e-repository of Rogerian work housed on the Unitary Health Care pages, I thought I would go out and do what I usual do when faced with such a task--I Googled it. And I was rather surprised with what I found.

Several of my favourite places are the EDT sites, which as you will probably know, list, and make available, electronic dissertations and theses. OhioLINK lists a quartet & Rogerian theses that have come out of Case Western, most recently Siedlecki's thesis on "The Effect of Music on Power, Pain, Depression, and Disability: A Clinical Trial". Add to this a range of other work (from the archives held at the Foundation of New York Nurses Association relating to both Martha and Erline P. McGriff to the burgeoning work of Richard Cowling--see associates on Unitary Pattern Appreciation), and a mention must be made of the recent work by our own President Elect, Alison Rushing, and there must be so much more. The conclusion must be made that Rogerian Science is alive, well, and kicking!

I want to echo Brenda Talley's recent thanks at our 2005 Savannah conference to all SRS Board members past and present, and I want to acknowledge and offer thanks to the outgoing President, Brenda Talley. I sincerely hope that I am a worthy successor, and it is likely that I will be seeking your constant reassurance, as well as asking that you actively participate in this emergent, and I hope exciting era for the Society. Please share your Rogerian practice far and wide (and don't forget Visions and our MeRepository). Come to our conferences, participate in discussions on our list ( group/Martha-E-Rogers), be passionate about Rogerian science.

Francis C. Biley RN PhD

President of the Society of Rogerian Scholars

Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University, Wales, UK
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Title Annotation:SRS News; Society of Rogerian Scholars
Author:Biley, Francis C.
Publication:Visions: The Journal of Rogerian Nursing Science
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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