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President's column.

Can you believe summer is here already? That means the Annual Meeting/APRN Conference is right around the corner. Hope you are not too busy to come to Hilton Head to find out what's going on in nursing in SC!

Life is so fast--it can be too fast if you don't make yourself slow down, periodically, to pay attention to what's going on around you. Having a 4-yr. old living with you certainly brings many opportunities to do just that! Life has never been more fun than seeing the world as a fascinating adventure through the eyes of a very creative preschooler.

So, how about you? Are you taking time along your life's journey to be fascinated? Have you slowed down to see what's happening outside of your "me/mine" circle? Have you showed someone outside of your regular circle of family and friends that you are interested in what's important to them? SCNA needs you to take time to be interested and show the Association you care!

Slow down and think.... what is your practice going to look like in 5 years? Who's going to lead the way for growth or change? The recent call for nominations from the SCNA Nominating Committee yielded poor results for many offices. The poor response raises the question--do nurses in South Carolina care about the future of Nursing?

This next legislative year may prove most critical for nursing to make a move, with consumer support, towards removing barriers to assure full scope of practice for ALL nurses in South Carolina Are you sitting back to see what happens? What if no one steps up to provide the necessary leadership? What if everyone is too busy in their "me/ mine" circles to slow down and care?

SCNA needs nurses at all levels of leadership. Many chapters are suffering. Many leaders are exhausted from both carrying the torch and beating the bushes for support/ future leadership Slow down and show you care.

If you are afraid to step forward, support is here to help you succeed The Association has competent, strong, tech-savvy, politically-astute staff to help guide you along your adventure Many caring nurses and nurse leaders already involved with SCNA are waiting for you to slow down to see what's happening around you, show you care and begin a fascinating journey in nurse leadership.

Your money is important. But, SCNA and Nursing needs YOU! Contact the SCNA office to see how you can help

Vicki Green, MSN, APRN, BC

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Author:Green, Vicki
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Date:Jul 1, 2014
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