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President's Message.

As my year as President winds down, I want to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges I have experienced. VAHPERD has made positive changes in its Operating Codes. The most important one to date, and effects us all, is the change in voting for Board of Director positions. You, the membership, are now the voting body. Please refer to the website, VAHPERD. org, for detailed information about the voting procedures and the candidates seeking office. You, the membership, are also responsible for VAHPERD's future. Please consider becoming an active member by volunteering for a committee, becoming a section chair, or running for the Board of Directors. You, the membership, make this organization viable.

Last November, the Board authorized the hiring of a lobbyist to help us better advocate for Health and Physical Education issues in the General Assembly and nationally. Becky Bowers-Lanier has been terrific. Check out the "Advocacy" page on the VAHPERD website for ways to become an advocate.

Additionally, the Board has hired a Treasurer to oversee our expenditures. The Executive Director's operating code has been revised to reflect the changes in responsibilities due to hiring a treasurer. The Convention Manager operating code is still being revised. Judy Johnson is stepping down as Convention Manager in May, 2014. We will be looking for her replacement over the next few months. If you are a detail person, please consider applying for this position.

The challenges in this position are the length of time in it. One year is not a long time when you are trying to effect change. I remember Past President, Rodney Gaines, making a similar comment. The positive in this is that the upcoming leadership is committed and dedicated to making VAHPERD a better organization and one that truly represents its members.

I look forward to seeing you at the Founder's Inn as we kick off our 77th VAHPERD Convention.

Your support as a member is appreciated and valued. I hope you will contact me ( any time you have a suggestion or concern. Your participation in VAHPERD makes the organization stronger.


Regina Kirk, President

Moving Forward Together

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Author:Kirk, Regina
Publication:VAHPERD Journal
Date:Sep 22, 2014
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