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President's Address 2017.

Dear Colleagues

This year's National Podiatry and associated Healthcare Conference entitled "Past, Present and Future" will hopefully remind us that in this our 62nd year the IOCP is standing firm and totally committed to ensure our members and associates are on a parallel standing within the Podiatry world.

It is imperative that our prestigious organisation keeps evolving, explores new ideas and supports all of its membership. Having spoken to many of my colleagues, there appears to be a feeling of uncertainty. Times are changing and we have to move along with them or be left behind.

However, this does not mean excluding any members who are happy in their current practice and really do not see that the extended scope courses are relevant to their particular practice or range of skills. We are all different, that is a good thing, however we have a responsibility to offer courses to suit all of our members and associates. How relevant they are to you and your practice is a personal decision. That said it is healthy to push boundaries, we will continue to learn new snippets and skills throughout our lives.

The dynamics within the EC have enabled us to forge valuable links to incorporate a larger circle of colleagues. As we continue to evolve and grow we need your support to stage events locally and nationally, as CPD is an integral part of our working lives.

At events such as the National Podiatry Conference many of us "Sole traders" get the opportunity to share ideas, expand our knowledge and democratically be able to voice our opinions and concerns with other like -minded professionals.

The Trade Houses are also a big part of our conference activities and I would like to thank them for their support at this event and throughout the year.

Having listened to feedback in previous years and in order to modernise the conference, the AGM has been condensed into one day, ensuring all relevant protocols are being adhered to. Therefore, it has been necessary to devise a different itinerary with extra "Hands on" sessions. The take up has been excellent, which is encouraging.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues on the Executive Committee for their dedication, input and driving force during the past twelve months, also the ladies in the office working hard behind the scenes and you the members who support and attend events throughout the year, in most cases traveling large distances.

Kind regards,

Linda Pearson


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Author:Pearson, Linda
Publication:Podiatry Review
Date:Oct 1, 2017
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