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Preserve your rights: STOP the "Free Trade" Agenda.

If you haven't already done so, please read this entire special report of THE NEW AMERICAN to learn more about what the deceptive free trade agenda is and how it threatens our national independence and personal rights.

You'll learn from this issue that President Obama is currently negotiating two super-sized free trade agreements: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP: see page 33) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP; see page 38). Congressional approval of these agreements would put our nation on a path toward economic and political integration with certain Pacific Rim nations and the European Union, respectively. A vote by Congress on approving the TPP is expected as early as late 2013 and a vote on the TTIP is expected in 2015.

There's also the related issue of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA; see page 30), also known as fast-track negotiating authority. Since fast-track authority has played such a critical role in expediting all of our free trade agreements through Congress over the past 25 years or so, it is virtually certain that a bill to reinstitute TPA will be introduced and voted on by Congress before consideration of the TPP and TTIP agreements.

Our goal is to prevent Congress from approving TPA (vote likely in the fall of 2013), the TPP (vote likely as early as late 2013), and the TTIP (vote likely as early as 2015).

Your next step should be to learn how you can play a role in preventing Congress from approving TPA, TPP, and TTIP.

"Choose Freedom--STOP the Free Trade Agenda"

After you've read this special issue, the best way to learn more about the free trade agenda and how to stop it is to go the "Choose Freedom--STOP the Free Trade Agenda" action page on the John Birch Society website ( This webpage provides a brief statement of what this action project is about, a brief video overview, and "Learn More," "Tell Others," and "Take Action" boxes with five links in each box for educational and action tools.

Educational Tools

Your initial set of educational tools are (1) this special report of THE NEW AMERICAN magazine: (2) two trifold pamphlets ("Not-so-free Trade" and "What's the Real Price of Free Trade?"); and (3) two reprints ("Secretly Trading Away Our Independence" and "Trans-Pacific Partnership: Secret Surrender of Sovereignty"). Other tools will be added as time goes on.

Legislative Action Tools

Three legislative action tools are provided on the website for sending e-mail messages to your representative and senators in Congress in opposition to (1) Trade Promotion Authority (aka fast-track authority): (2) the Trans-Pacific Partnership: and (3) the Transatlantic Trade and investment Partnership. You can access these legislative action tools by going to the "Choose Freedom--STOP the Free Trade Agenda" action page on and looking under the heading "Take Action." To contact your congressmen by phone or to visit one of their offices in person, go to for contact information.

Activating the Grassroots in Your Area

To maximize your effectiveness, you should work with and through a pre-existing constitutionalist group in your area, such as a Tea Party group, a chapter of The John Birch Society, a Campaign for Liberty group, a 9/12 Project group, etc. If you don't have an active constitutionalist group in your area, work with other like-minded people to start one.

You should hold educational meetings to inform members of your group and other conservative groups in your community about the threat to our personal freedoms and national independence posed by the deceptive free trade agenda. Instruct them regarding how to contact their congressmen in opposition to (1) Trade Promotion Authority (TPA): (2) the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); and (3) the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Expand and intensify your education and action program until you are sure you have convinced your representative and senators to vote against TPA, TPP, and TTIP, or until you are sure that no amount of grassroots pressure will convince one or more of them to vote against the free trade agenda. If the latter case applies to your area, organize to make the free trade agenda an issue in the next election and work to gel anti-free trade agenda candidates nominated and elected to Congress.

We Can and Must Win!

We Americans have a precious heritage of God-given rights secured by our independent constitutional republic. We must not allow the deceptive free trade agenda to destroy the lives of freedom, security, and prosperity that our families and ancestors have enjoyed for over 220 years. Please join with us to block approval of TPA, the TPP, and the TTIP!
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Date:Sep 2, 2013
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