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Presenting, Mabini.

Stop saying "sublime paralytic"! ApolinarioMabini was the "Brains of the Revolution." ( Not the "Brains of the Katipunan," that was Emilio Jacinto.) And here are some reasons.

Like Andres Bonifacio, he was a self-made man, an autodidact who transcended poverty by working hard, struggling to get an education. Lamentably, his father and grandfather were unlettered farmers, so it was his mother who gave Apolinario his first lessons. Indeed, everything starts on a mother's lap, as Rizal once wrote to the 20 young women of Malolos.

Mabini had a prodigious intellect, a deep and unshakeable love for country, a genuine concern for his fellow-Filipinos, He had integrity, was self-sacrificing. Way before Emilio Aguinaldo sent for him upon his return to the Philippines in May, 1898, Mabini was already involved in patriotic activities which aimed for reforms leading to ultimate independence. When La Liga Filipina was revived, he became head of its supreme council. He was a Compromisario, collecting funds for the"La Solidaridad" and AsociaciAaAaAeA n Filipino- Hispano in Madri

A lawyer with vast experience in colonial bureaucracy, he had been analyzing Philippine society and when he decided to join the Revolution, he contacted Gen. Paciano Rizal, Jose's elder brother.

Mabini believed that the 1896 revolution ended in the ignoble Pact of Biak-na-Bato because " lacked ideological direction and a comprehensive and coordinated plan for revolutionary consciousness."(Majul, 1964) To avoid the fatal error, he wrote "El VerdaderoDecAaAaAeA logo," "Progra Constitucional de la RepAaAaAeA blica Filipina" and "Ordenanzas de la RevoluciAaAaAe

The DecAaAaAeA logo was meant to imbue in Filipinos qualities crucial to t "internal revolution" like civic consciousness, patriotism, integrity, moral character. The Programa and the Ordenanzas were for the "external revolution," that is, political structures which guarantee people's rights and satisfy their expectations. (


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Date:Jul 28, 2014
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