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Presentation: Urbanization and Development in Asia: Multidimensional Perspectives.

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Presentation: 'Urbanization and Development in Asia: Multidimensional Perspectives', research findings from the UNU-WIDER project on Development in an Urban World directed by Jo Beall, Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, and Ravi Kanbur. Central European University, Budapest, Hungary


Held within the 13th GDN Annual Conference, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.


16 June 2012 11:30 - 13:00

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Lorraine Telfer-Taivainen,

Publications and Information Assistant

'Urbanization and Development in Asia: Multidimensional Perspectives'

Presenter: Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, UNDP Nepal, formerly UNU-WIDER Senior Research Fellow.

Over the last few decades, globalization has had a visible effect on urbanization and migration patterns across much of Asia. Analyses of migration patterns reveal that some of the largest movements of people in the world actually take place in the form of internal migration within certain regions and countries, as people move from rural areas to booming urban centres. With the help of selected case studies from India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, this volume examines the following issues: Why do people move from rural to urban areas? In what ways does globalization affect such movements? What are the synergies between globalization, urbanization, and migration? What are the challenges that come with resettlement, especially for minorities and other less empowered groups?


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Title Annotation:Central European University
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Date:Aug 1, 2012
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