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Prescription drug dos and don'ts.

Modern medicines cure disease, ease pain, and extend lives. Be an active partner in your healthcare by learning the dos and don'ts about your prescription medicines. Read labels carefully and ask your pharmacist to explain any potential food interactions, as well as other special instructions. Here is a sampling:

Do take Zocor (a cholesterol-lowering statin drug) before going to bed. The body produces most of its cholesterol during the nighttime hours. Zocor peaks in the blood-stream about 12 hours after ingestion.

Don't take antacids with antibiotics such as Cipro and the popular five-day therapy Z-Pak (Zithromax 250 mg). Mylanta, Maalox and other common antacids may slow absorption and decrease the effectiveness of drugs used to treat bacterial infections.

Do log on to for information on grapefruit-drug interactions. The new site, sponsored by the University of Florida and Tufts University, features a comprehensive database of grapefruit-drug interactions.
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Title Annotation:Medical Update; tips to be followed while taking prescription medicines
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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