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Preparing PBUSE conversations.

ULLS-S4 is now included in the property book unit supply enhancement (PBUSE) program. PBUSE provides close to real time, accurate visibility of your property book account. The old program only provided snapshots of the account when it was last updated.

Before you convert your standard property book system-redesign (SPBS-R) to PBUSE, you must have the info in your property book validated. The validation allows PBUSE to start working for you with the right info, right away.

First, save your property book ALV03 computer data to ASCII format. When saved the ASCII file must have a file extension of ".rsm" or ".txt".

Then go to the Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) WebLOG webpage at:

Click on the PBUSE icon in the right column. Login and enter your password. If you don't have a Login ID and password, return to the WebLOG page and fill out the System Access Request (top center of the screen).

Once in PBUSE, click on FILE UPLOAD and enter your installation code, unit description, name, rank, area code, phone number, and email address. Browse your computer to find the ASCII file you've already prepared listing all your property book items.

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