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Prepare for heating season with maintenance schedule.

Do you take your family car in for servicing only once a year? Probably not. To keep the car running smoothly, the oil and tires should be checked frequently and the driver should adhere to the manufacture's maintenance schedule.

Failure to properly maintain and care for the car can lead to increased expenses and possible breakdowns.

A building's burner and boiler system is similar. It needs continuous maintenance and more than simply a once a year overhaul. Consider the consequence if the system is maintained improperly. An alternate means of transportation can be found if a car breaks down for a day or two. What alternatives does a building have when the boiler stops functioning during the coldest days of winter?

Develop a Maintenance Schedule

This is the season for the annual overhaul when burners and boilers are checked cleaned and tested. These are all important and necessary steps. But it is also wise to use this season to develop a schedule for daily and weekly maintenance of the system for the entire year.

Having a schedule to F form daily and weekly maintenance of the boiler is the best way to avoid problems with the building's heating operations. Adhering to these schedules can increase fuel efficiency and reduce repair and replacement costs. Also, a daily check-up of the boiler roam and the burner and boiler can quickly disclose serious leaks that can create problems with other systems.

Each building can develop its own method to make certain that daily and weekly maintenance and inspections are made. me important point is that same type of system is developed.

One effective system is the Daily Maintenance Log developed by Castle Oil and available upon request. The log serves as a guide to what needs to be checked and provides the superintendent or maintenance person with a record and method for monitoring the system's performance.

Performing routine maintenance throughout the year makes the annual overhaul of the burner and boiler less time-consuming and burdensome. Same steps to be taken for the annual overhaul include: * Clean the fire sides, brush the tubes and vacuum the soot pockets. This is also the time to replace leaking tubes. * Clean the boiler. To do so, the boiler must be drained. * Remove and clean the water-gauge glass. * Check the safety valves and inspect the brick surfaces. * Clean and overhaul the oil burners. * Fill the boiler to the proper water level. Failure to maintain water at the proper level can result in rust and corrosion. * Fire the boiler and adjust for a clean fire. * Check the condition and tightness of the belt drives on the fuel pump and compressor. * Make certain a working fire extinguisher or round-bottom fire sand pails are conveniently located in the boiler roam.

Daily Maintenance Tips

For daily maintenance, the key is to make certain that no leaks have developed. The best way is to check the water level daily. The superintendent or maintenance person should also check the oil level in the air compressor and look to see if there is any carbon build-up or smoke in the furnace. The re-set button should also be pushed to see that the boiler turns off and re-starts itself.

Similar to an auto, burners and boilers need proper and knowledgeable maintenance to work at maximum efficiency. Taking a few extra minutes a day to check for problems and perform periodic cleaning saves time in the long run and goes a long way to avoiding serious breakdowns during the coldest days of the year.
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Title Annotation:Building Management & Maintenance; advice for maintenance of burner and boiler heating systems
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Date:Oct 6, 1993
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