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Prepare M3P gun for firing.



If the extractor is not completely down, it can't grab the rounds to place them in the bolt face. When the breech bolt is moved, the gun will jam with the bolt to the rear. Then you can't close the gun door because the bolt is stuck. The only way to fix a jammed gun is to call the armament folks to the rescue.

Another thing that could knock your gun out of commission is not doing pre-load gun inspections to make sure the spring pin is installed in the extractor body.

During cleaning and servicing, the gun is taken apart. When the gun is reassembled, the spring pin sometimes gets overlooked and isn't reinstalled.

That's bad news for the gun. If it's fired without the spring pin, the gun will malfunction. The firing pin sticks, which can lead to run-away firing. And that will destroy the breech bolt.

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