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Prenatal Ultrasound, Leukemia.

A Swedish case-control study did not find an association between prenatal ultrasound and the risk of childhood leukemia.

The study compared 652 children born and diagnosed with lymphatic or myeloid leukemia between 1973 and 1989 to control children matched by sex and by the month and year of birth.

Lymphatic leukemia risk was not associated with the number or timing of ultrasound exams, reported Dr. Estelle Naumburg of Uppsala (Sweden) University and her associates. For myeloid leukemia, risk was not affected by the number of exams; a slightly greater but insignificant risk was associated with ultrasound exams during the second trimester (BMJ 320[7230]:282-83, 2000).

"Single or repeated intrauterine exposure to ultrasound, early or late in the pregnancy, does not influence the risk of subsequent development of lymphatic or myeloid childhood leukemia," they said.

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Publication:Family Practice News
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Date:Jun 1, 2000
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