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Premier urges apology as submarine finds WW2 hospital ship sunk by Japanese.

SHIPWRECK hunters have captured the first underwater footage of a Second World War hospital ship sunk by the Japanese in 1943 with 268 people killed.

A search team sent a submarine robot more than 6,500ft down to get the images of the Australian vessel, Centaur.

They showed the ship's bright red cross and a corroded 47, its identification number.

The Centaur sank off the Queensland state coast. Just 64 of the 332 people on board survived.

Expedition leader David Mearns found sonar footage of the Centaur on December 20.

Yesterday, Queensland Acting Premier Paul Lucas called on Japan to apologise for the sinking.

"Whilst the Japanese have certainly apologised for their actions during the Second World War, it would be appropriate for those involved to express an apology."

The Centaur will be marked as a military grave and protected.


A lifting crane on the deck of the hospital ship, Centaur
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 12, 2010
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