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Preliminary Program.

Session I - Qefining the Threat and Courses of Action

* Army Perspective - MG Noonan, USA, Commander, INSCOM

* Air Force Perspective - Brig Gen Rider, USAF, Director of Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

* Navy Perspective - RADM Whiton, USN, Commander, Naval Security Group

* USMC Perspective - Maj Gen Robert Shea, USMC, Assistant Chief of Staff for C41

* Emerging Surface to Air Missile Systems - Randy Jones, Missile & Space Intelligence Center, Senior Technical Advisor

Session II - Planning and Warfighting

* Kosovo Lessons Learned - RADM Nutwell, USN, Deputy Rsst. Secretary of Defense for C3ISR & Space Systems

* International Discussions - Michell Markoff, US State Department

* Status of ELINT - Jim Cain, NSA

* Electronic Warfare Update - Col Charley Allan, USAF, 53 EWG, Eglin AFB

* SEAD Perspective - MSgt Kirk Wells, USAF, Spangdahlem AB, GE

* Star Sapphire & Star Sapphire Demo's- Laverna Watty, NSA/W9M

* Navy Networking - Centric EW - LCDR Wilhelm, USN, OPNAV/64

Session III - Acquisition Testing and Training

Keynote Speaker - Lt Gen Michael Hayden, USAF, Director, National Security Agency - NSA in the 21st Century

* Congressional View - Jim Barnett, SSCI Staff

* Army Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Sensors Acquisiton Roadmap - Ed Bair, PEO/IEW & S, Ft. Monmouth

* Joint SIGINT Avionics Program Overview - Col Wayne Johnson, ASC/RAJ

* Global Hawk & U-2 Migration Plan - Col Ray Briscoe, ASC2ISRC

* Test Range Briefing- China Lake/Pt. Mugu

* ELINT & EW Training - CDR Widdick, USN, NSG

Session IV - Special Activities, Applications and Advanced Research

Featured Speaker - Dr. Paul Kaminski, Former Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

* DARPA Perspective - Dr. Meyers, DARPA

* Specific Emitter Identification - Chuck Heider, Naval Research Lab

* The Future of Space - Ivan Beckey, Beckey Designs, Inc.

* Advanced Technology Aperatures - Taylor Lawrence, Northrop Grumman

* IO Technology Center - William Marshall, Director, IOTC

* Defensive Information Operations - Larry Castro, NSA

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Publication:Journal of Electronic Defense
Date:May 1, 2000
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