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Pregosin, Ann. The dogs who grew me; a tribute to the six dogs who taught me what really matters in life.

Capital Books (22841 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166). 205p. c2002. 1-932868-52-2. $12.95. SA

This is a memoir of a life spent with six dogs, spanning from childhood through middle age, but it is also an extended essay on the uniqueness of each animal. There is Moppet, the cocker spaniel who comforted an awkward little girl; Della the bighearted Great Dane, who both doted on and defended her youthful mistress; Timber, the quarter-wolf hybrid who amazed everyone who saw her; Boo the Rottweiler, who unfortunately lived up to his breed's dangerous potential; the self-absorbed Miss Daisy, a cocker spaniel bought for the author's daughter; and lastly Ty1er, the all-loving, highly intelligent Bernese Mountain Dog who continues to share life with Pregosin and her family.

Pregosin writes with experience, expressing her patience and love for all her animal companions (including a couple of cats). Her anecdotes will ring true for anyone who has ever owned a dog or cat. Both the humorous and exasperating situations contribute to the life lessons that Pregosin learns over the years. Each dog's traits (including those not "typical" for the breed) are detailed in a manner that will appeal to all animal lovers; each dog's passing will likely bring tears of empathy. A nice addition to the animal section of any library. Katherine Gillen, Libn., Luke AFB Lib., AZ
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Author:Gillen, Katherine
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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