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Pregnant Jade refused Jeff sex he ripped my clothes off & took me to bed instead! BLONDE KATIE TELLS OF NAKED ROMP WITH STAR'S CHEATING FELLA.


A BLONDE has revealed how pregnant Jade Goody's lusting lover ripped her clothes off for a frenzied sex romp.

Jade lookalike Katie Cooper enjoyed three steamy hours of passion with Jeff Brazier - who told her the Big Brother star was refusing him sex.

Drama student Katie, 19, said: "Jeff was like a dog on heat - he couldn't get me into the bedroom quickly enough.

"He tore at my clothes like a caged lion. His hands were everywhere and soon we were both naked in bed."

She told how 24-year-old TV presenter Jeff:

-WHISKED her to a pal's house after staring admiringly at her cleavage in a nightclub.

-ACTED entranced by the sight of her curvy boobs and bottom as the pair pleasured each other.

-SHOWED no hint of guilt about cheating on Jade, 23, but went back home to play the doting dad-to-be.

"He hardly mentioned Jade," said Katie. "We had a very passionate night. He was so up for it we virtually ripped each other's clothes off. Jeff's a real lad who knows how to please a woman."

Katie's revelations come two weeks after former footballer Jeff told The People how Jade battered him in a year of crazed attacks - and reached for a kitchen knife during one terrifying rage.

Jeff has now split from his lover, who is four months pregnant with their second child.

He homed in on Katie while partying with pals at the Hippodrome nightclub in her home town of Colchester, Essex.

Katie said: "I'd read in the newspapers that Jade was expecting a baby so felt surprised to see him living it up surrounded by girls. Everybody seemed to know him.

"He came over with his pals to talk to me. I was wearing black trousers and a low halter-neck top.

"I could feel his eyes devouring my cleavage but thought nothing would come of it as he had Jade."

But when the club shut Jeff invited her back to a pal's house - where he lost no time pulling her into a spare bedroom.

Katie, speaking from Cairns, Australia, where she is now on a gap year, said: "I didn't feel guilty because we were both consenting adults.

"A friend of his told me he was secretly unhappy with Jade but didn't have the guts to finish the relationship.

"We'd both been drinking so were feeling pretty randy. He was breathing heavily and seemed entranced by my boobs.

"He pleasured me and I returned the favour. We were both giggling under the sheets like a pair of schoolkids because we knew anybody could have walked in on us.

"Jeff confided that he and Jade were not having sex and were going through a rough patch.

"By now he was so turned on he wanted full intercourse but I only ever practise safe sex and refused, which seemed to upset him." Jeff's cheating escapade came in March last year when Jade was five months pregnant with his son Bobby Jack, now 11 months old.

He'd had ANOTHER romp with Katie a year before after they met in the same club. The blonde recalled: "He was single then and we went to a hotel in Colchester.

"He was a very attentive lover. We were naked and rolling all over the bed. We pleasured each other but didn't go the whole way."

The couple later chatted on the phone and swapped text messages.

Katie said: "Jeff's a very attractive man with a lovely body but his one failing is that he can't resist a pretty face."

Jeff's stormy 18-month relationship with Jade came to an end after she accused him of seeing other women. Jade said last week: "The trust has gone. He doesn't mind taking a girl's phone number or texting her. I can't put up with that."

After the couple's last, early-hours bust-up both were arrested at their pounds 300,000 home in Harlow, Essex, and bailed to return to their local police station next month.

Jeff said: "She had convinced herself I had done something wrong and jumped out of bed. She hurtled towards me screaming, 'You cheat, you f***ing this, f***ing that, you cheated on me'. Jade's biggest insecurity is being cheated on."

Jade - who shot to TV fame with her big mouth and wacky sayings - had cause to be jealous.

We told last June how blonde Lindsey Peel, 20, romped with Jeff in a hotel room weeks before Bobby Jack was born. And since splitting from Jade he has been spotted in Leeds chatting up girls with EastEnders actor Joe Swash. After dirty dancing with three beauties he snogged a blonde. One onlooker said: "He was like a kid in a sweetshop."

Katie said: "Even before their first baby came along you could tell Jeff wanted out of the relationship. He just wanted to be free and single like any other good-looking young guy.

"It's probably for the best that they split. The sad truth is that Jeff and Jade are both too selfish to change.

"Jeff is a great bloke and will make a great dad but he needs time to grow up a bit. Just like Jade, I guess."


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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:May 23, 2004
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