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Pregnant Feelings: Developing Trust in Birth, 2d ed.

Pregnancy is a state of health, not disease. Too often in the last decade, we've pushed ourselves to continue in our employment situations and stress filled life situations until the very last moment of pregnancy.

How much better it might be if, instead, we allowed ourselves time for some of the even more demanding work" of pregnancy: preparing our hearts, minds and bodies for the new life before us.

Pregnant Feelings is a good introduction to that work. Not just another "All You Ever Wanted to Know About Pregnancy" book, Feelings instead is an exploration of the many private issues, the inside work, that needs to be done before we have a new baby in our lives.

Using a nice mix of narrative, poetry, workbook and dialogue, this book will help mothers (and their partners) to explore their hopes, fears, wishes and prejudices about many topics: pregnant bodies; the pain of birth; dealing with authority; medical technology; changing roles in parenting; the physical and psychic demands of breastfeeding.

The first-time mother will find here an opportunity to grapple with important issues before they become a stumbling block during birth or postpartum. And, unlike many books about the childbearing year, this book has much to offer the experienced mother, whether she is pregnant, contemplating pregnancy, or continuing to work through the issues confronted during previous births.

Childbirth educators will find Pregnant Feelings a rich source of material for expanding and improving their classes. I profited from reexamining my beliefs about birth, dialoguing with "Birthing Energy" about some of the challenging births I have recently assisted. For class graduates who have had frightening, disappointing or frustrating birth experiences, the material on working through unexpected outcomes will prove very useful.

Baldwin and Palmarini's bias toward home birth is evident but not offensive in chapters about the birth experience. A workbook section on birth plans includes a comprehensive list of alternatives which will continue to affirm a couple's right to freedom of choice, based on knowledge of alternatives" no matter where they choose to birth their baby.

As a bonus, if you have been looking for a well-written, positive birth visualization, you will find it in the "Active Visualization of Normal Labor and Delivery." A fine list of affirmations for pregnant mothers and fathers is another worthwhile feature. Pregnant Feelings will fill a very special niche in an educator's and/or a class library.
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Author:Kersula, Dawn M.
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Date:Mar 22, 1991
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