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The Classical Association of South Africa was established at a conference held at the University of Pretoria on 4-7 April 1956. One of the tasks assigned to the first Executive Committee, consisting of Prof. Paap (Chair), Prof. Smuts (Secretary) and Prof. Goold (Treasurer), was to investigate the possibility of publishing a journal of the Association. The management of this process was continued by the next Executive Committee, elected at the Second Conference, held on 12-15 February 1957 at the University of Stellenbosch. The Executive Committee consisted of Prof. Smuts (Chair), Prof. White (Vice-Chair), Dr Lubbe (Secretary-Treasurer) and Prof. Viljoen and Dr Van Rooy (Additional Members). Two conflicting proposals had to be accommodated: the publication of the acta of the Association and of a Festschrift in honour of Prof. Haarhoff, who had recently retired. Eventually, mainly because of financial constraints, the decision was made to combine the two projects, and the first volume of Acta Classica duly appeared, dedicated to Prof. Haarhoff and sub-titled Roman Life and Letters.

In acknowledgement of and gratitude for their role in its creation, this volume of Acta Classica is dedicated to the founding members.
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Publication:Acta Classica
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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