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This issue of the journal is devoted to the proceedings of the second Northwest Number Theory and Smarandache Problems Conference held in Yan'an during March 18-20, 2006. The organizers were myself and Professor Jinbao Guo from Yan'an University. The conference was supported by Yan'an University and Northwest University and there were more than 70 participants. We had two foreign guests from Japan, Professor S. Kanemitsu of Kinki University and Y. Tanigawa of Nagoya University who gave plenary talks "On the role of the cotangent function in number theory" and "Some formulas for the gamma functions", respectively, and their papers are going to appear elsewhere. Other participants include Professor Wenguang Zhai from Shandong Normal University whose paper with Dr. Liu Huaning is included in the volume. The conference was a great success and will give a strong impact on the development of number theory in general and Smarandache problems in particular. We hope this will become a tradition in our country and will continue to grow. And indeed we are planning to organize the third conference in coming March in Weinan.

In the volume we assemble not only those papers which were presented at the conference but also those papers which were submitted later and are concerned with the Smarandache type problems.

There are a few papers which are not directly related to but should fall within the scope of Smarandache type problems. They are 1. L. Liu and W. Zhou, On conjectures about the class number of binary quadratic forms; 2. W. Liang, An identity for Stirling numbers of the second kind; 3. Y. Wang and Z. Sheng, Two formulas for x^n in terms of Chebyshev polynomials.

Other papers are concerned with the number-theoretic Smarandache problems and will enrich the already rich stock of results on them. Readers can learn various techniques used in number theory and will get familiar with the beautiful identities and sharp asymptotic formulas obtained in the volume.

Researchers can download books on the Smarandache notions from the following open source Digital Library of Science:
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Title Annotation:Northwest Number Theory and Smarandache Problems Conference
Author:Zhang, Wenpeng
Publication:Scientia Magna
Article Type:Editorial
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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