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Preening for prom.

Byline: Christine Sherk The Register-Guard

They're bold. They're bright. And, yes, they've got bling.

Prom dresses these days are all about "the fun accents," says Teresa Parsons, owner of Blush Bridal Boutique, where teen girls from Lane County and beyond have been coming since January to pluck their special dress out of her annual collections from designers Alyce Paris and Night Moves.

Trends include geometric cutouts, back detailing, beading along the edges and the bodice. And length.

"This season what's really popular is the long hem style. Long and flowing," Parsons adds. Short hems, too, but maybe not so much. "It really depends on the school. From school to school, the preferences change."

A quick look at what's left on the racks - it is near the end of prom dress buying season, believe it or not, even though proms are in full swing most weekends through May - is an education for anyone who remembers those, ahem, '80s-era lacy Gunny Sack dresses.

Present-day prom dresses are like flower blossoms, blooming in all colors imaginable: coral, royal blue, yellow, lime green, hot pink.

"Girls like to make it their own, too," adds local fashion designer Mitra Chester. "Do-it-yourself with lace and mesh accents, if the girl has some sewing skills. Adding straps. And adding color. Popular colors right now are coral, and robin's egg blue. Camo is big, too."

Camo? As in camouflage.

"Camo accents are great," Chester says with a laugh, "I would be pretty impressed if a girl showed up in a camo dress to prom. That would be cool!"

And why not? It's not as if her date wouldn't have options to match her. Brush Bridal Boutique, which carries Jim's Formal Wear, has three black-tux options in camo trim: mossy oak, which is just what you'd expect, in browns and greens; snow camo, which has a white background; and orange camo, with bright and fiery trim to make a blazing entrance.

Of course, traditional options are plenty available for guys, too, ranging from standard black or gray tuxedos to a well-cut suit, say, in a hip gray-blue. (You can stop shuddering now from memories of powder blue tuxes and ruffled shirts.)

Other local men's formalwear outlets include Men's Wearhouse and Mr. Formal, with varying rental costs. Mr. Formal also has camo tux accents. Other trappings for tuxes - vests, ties, pocket squares - come in so many colors and patterns, there's no problem with prom dates being all matchy-matchy.

"We can match anybody," Parsons says.

It's time to get the party started.


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