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Victim of predatory loan demands justice in Shahdadpur. Asif Niaz Detho Aug 23, 2020 154
Proposed law to regulate digital lenders goes for public hearing. Aug 4, 2020 673
LICADHO says 'no comment' to spurious MFI video. Jul 6, 2020 1251
The small-dollar loan industry: a new era of regulatory reform- and emerging competition? Hemphill, Thomas A. Report Jul 1, 2020 8434
Cyprus economy suffering a chronic liquidity squeeze. fm Feb 3, 2020 577
Rolled Over: How the Trump Administration is Failing to Protect Civilians and Military Service Members from Predatory Payday Lending. Martin, Zackary A. Jan 1, 2020 11592
Government takes bite out of loan sharks. Dec 13, 2019 574
Government takes bite out of loan sharks. Dec 12, 2019 580
signs an online loan is a debt trap. Dec 1, 2019 687
Exec: Capping interest rates will only feed '5-6' economy. Nov 25, 2019 413
5 signs an online loan is a debt trap. ANNIE MILLERBERND of NerdWallet Nov 24, 2019 802
Unconscionable lending rates. Nov 4, 2019 741
SEC to BSP: Cap consumer loan rates, fees. Oct 29, 2019 524
Does Campaign Cash Smooth Way For Access To Trump Administration? Marcy Kreiter Oct 29, 2019 606
SEC asks BSP to stop 'predatory lending,' set limit on interest, other charges by lenders. Oct 28, 2019 293
SEC orders shutdown of 11 illegal lending apps. Sep 23, 2019 224
Hontiveros slams, wants probe into debt-shaming of lending firms. Sep 19, 2019 320
GCredit seen helping put an end to predatory lending. Jul 9, 2019 308
Sander, AOC Want To Cap Consumer Loan Interest Rates 6 But That's A Bad Idea. May 29, 2019 872
Sanders, AOC Want To Cap Consumer Loan Interest Rates 6 But That's A Bad Idea. May 29, 2019 872
Wintrust Inherits $18 Million Predatory Lending Lawsuit After Buyout of Delaware Place Bank, Court Date Set. May 6, 2019 489
Wintrust Inherits $18 Million Predatory Lending Lawsuit After Buyout of Delaware Place Bank, Court Date Set. Apr 27, 2019 468
AG charges loan businesses with consumer protection violations. Apr 12, 2019 638
BIPARTISAN BILL AGAINST PREDATORY LENDING. Barias, Stephen Brief article Mar 1, 2019 235
Mortgages - Predatory lending. Jan 23, 2019 513
Circuits split on lenders' loophole. Vieth, Peter Nov 19, 2018 1341
Trump admin. urged to counter 'predatory' Chinese infrastructure lending to poor countries: Wahington. Aug 7, 2018 407
Savings banks targeted for extending 'predatory' loans. Jun 7, 2018 441
Martin Lewis explained predatory lending to Lionel Richie on national television and he was totally into it; Britain's money saving expert warned about consumers getting further into debt... and the American soul singer was all ears. Jun 1, 2018 320
Want to Borrow More Housing Troubles? Been There, Done That. Hoar, William P. May 21, 2018 2125
China's advance in Africa exaggerated by a retreating US, policy analysts says. Mar 17, 2018 1448
Lenders who prey on veterans hurt other homebuyers as well. Feb 16, 2018 734
Sens. Warren And Brown Slam Mulvaney's Conflicts Of Interest. Dec 9, 2017 820
Survey Shows Payday Borrowers Have No Regrets. Nov 13, 2017 581
CFPB Pursues Illegal Student Loan Practices Despite DOE Data Freeze. Sep 19, 2017 548
18 US States Turn Up The Heat On Betsy DeVos Over Student Loan Relief Delay. Jul 7, 2017 587
Investigations of Dallas Firm hit bank deal. Waldon, George Jun 19, 2017 722
Using a shotgun to kill a fly: issues with the CFPB's payday lending proposal and the need to incentivize banks to enter the marketplace. Trotz, Ethan D. Mar 1, 2017 11333
Making nice with the loan sharks: payday lenders thrive because big banks won't serve the poor, but that doesn't excuse their predatory practices. Colarusso, Laura Book review Mar 1, 2017 1549
Protecting student borrowers. Nov 4, 2016 525
Nonprofit Provides California Small Businesses with an Alternative to Predatory Lenders. Sep 16, 2016 887
Dirty deals: how Wall Street's predatory deals hurt taxpayers and what we can do about it. Bhatti, Saqib; Manley, Renaye Sep 22, 2015 10128
Predatory public finance. Sgouros, Tom Sep 22, 2015 4873
NCUA Tapped to Investigate Predatory Student Loans. Jul 30, 2015 430
Predatory Lending Could Default Mainstream Loans: CRL. Jun 16, 2015 406
Predatory Lender Met Compliance Standards: ICUL. Feb 11, 2015 634
Community groups help borrowers out of payday loan debt traps. Feb 6, 2015 1768
Texas Company to Pay Millions Over "Predatory" Lending. Jul 10, 2014 659
Predatory lending not cause of housing bubble. Mar 1, 2014 331
Battling blight: connecting the dots between how predatory lending touched off the mortgage meltdown, a vacant property crisis and school closings. Caputo, Angela Jul 1, 2013 586
We need protection against the loan sharks; Ineffective regulators have failed to get to grips with "predatory" lenders who leave vulnerable customers struggling with spiralling debts, according to a damning report by a powerful committee of MPs. Jun 1, 2013 1333
Lawmakers to Again Take Aim at Predatory Lending. Jan 18, 2013 690
Shopping list: superhero, Zombies, pork rinds and diapers. Strozniak, Peter Dec 19, 2012 1227
Working papers: below is a summary of some recent papers that may be of interest to Regulation's readers. Van Doren, Peter Sep 22, 2012 2679
Mortgage finance markets: lessons from the past and keys to the future. Pennington-Cross, A. Sep 1, 2012 844
Mortgage product substitution and state anti-predatory lending laws: better loans and better borrowers? Bostic, Raphael; Chomsisengphet, Souphala; Engel, Kathleen C.; McCoy, Patricia A.; Pennington-Cross, Sep 1, 2012 10553
Payday lending scams kicking consumers when they're down. Aug 1, 2012 441
Too important to fail: predatory lending still poses a systemic risk to the economy. Will Obama's new consumer financial protection bureau succeed in taming it, or will the agency be strangled in its crib? Gravois, John Jul 1, 2012 5968
Government's efforts to root out predatory lending. Jun 1, 2012 680
THE Government has announced plans [...]; INVESTIGATE. May 10, 2012 129
THE Government has announced plans [...]. May 10, 2012 129
San Francisco meeting spotlights new municipal financial empowerment strategies. Belser, Denise Mar 12, 2012 842
Section 1044 of Dodd-Frank: when will state laws be preempted under the OCC's revised regulations? Hensley, Danyeale L. Mar 1, 2012 14402
Predatory lending relief behind Detroit CU's program. Samaad, Michelle A. Feb 22, 2012 848
Texas Payday Lenders Face New Rules, Scrutiny. Jan 5, 2012 1020
The price of German leadership: having exploited the eurozone, it's fair that Berlin and Frankfurt now pay the price. Overholt, William H. Jan 1, 2012 794
A year of fines. Holbrook, Emily Calendar Dec 1, 2011 831
Payday lending: a thin line between love and hate. Shih, Jopei Sep 22, 2011 20023
The Dodd-Frank Act's expansion of state authority to protect consumers of financial services. Wilmarth, Arthur E., Jr. Jun 22, 2011 35945
Senate OKs Bills Regulating Payday Lenders. May 23, 2011 716
Reforming regulation in the markets for home loans. Block-Lieb, Susan; Janger, Edward J. Mar 1, 2011 16785
Forward to states in the vanguard: protecting consumers during the financial crisis. Engel, Kathleen C. Jan 1, 2011 1697
Small-dollar loans, big problems: how states protect consumers from abuses and how the federal government can help. Plunkett, Leah A.; Hurtado, Ana Lucia Jan 1, 2011 25193
Local Credit Union TULIP Takes on Predatory Lending and Makes a Difference in People's Lives. Nov 11, 2010 606
Anti-predatory-lending provisions most far-reaching of Dodd-Frank Act. Wisniowski, Charles Oct 1, 2010 653
Texas league to launch paydays. Morrison, David Mar 24, 2010 625
Connecting national debates on access to health care & the economic crisis: a feminist perspective. Rytilahti, Stephanie Mar 1, 2010 907
Putting your mortgage into reverse. Graham, Ulrike Jan 15, 2010 805
A broken trust: Congress must rein in abusive lending. Anderson, Rachel Hope Jan 1, 2010 660
Payday of reckoning: new laws aimed at kneecapping payday lenders will end up hurting the poor. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Oct 1, 2009 3844
It's not just subprime! DeGennaro, Ramon P. Sep 22, 2009 1900
Consumer group bashes CUs for pushing 'predatory' payday loans: assailed CUs defend rates and fees. Morrison, David Aug 12, 2009 1887
REAL Solutions releases analysis of impact data. Jul 22, 2009 822
A bridge to somewhere: the road from predatory lending to good financial services for all Americans. Ratcliffe, Janneke Essay Jul 1, 2009 2441
The fraying of the fringe economy. Green, Ginna Jun 22, 2009 1585
Restoring legal aid for the poor: a call to end draconian and wasteful restrictions. Diller, Rebekah; Savner, Emily Jun 1, 2009 10374
Housing agenda advances in Congress. Wallace, Mike Law overview May 4, 2009 619
Bailout plan hits the poor: banks are using TARP funds to make predatory loans. Corral, Victor May 1, 2009 522
Private risk, public risk: public policy, market development, and the mortgage crisis. Immergluck, Daniel Apr 1, 2009 17379
Reducing home mortgage foreclosures in a predatory lending environment: a case study of a mid-sized city in Central New York. Phillips, Sandra Apr 1, 2009 6267
Subprime loans: turning the American dream into a nightmare. Martinez, Baldy Mar 22, 2009 13382
Helping law catch up to markets: applying broker-dealer law to subprime mortgages. Macey, Jonathan R.; Miller, Geoffrey P.; O'Hara, Maureen (American law professor); Rosenberg, Gabrie Mar 22, 2009 33254
Subprime mortgage tremors: an international issue. Lander, Gerald H.; Barker, Katherine; Zabelina, Margarita; Williams, Tiffany A. Report Feb 1, 2009 8263
Stemming the subprime crisis: the North Carolina foreclosure prevention project. Miller, Michael Jan 1, 2009 2913
Claims against professionals arising from real estate flipping schemes. Abrutyn, Elliott; Eapen, Shaji M. Jan 1, 2009 14552
Sub-prime as a Black catastrophe: first came racial redlining. Then came racial targeting of toxic and predatory loans. Both spelled economic disaster for African Americans. Oliver, Melvin L.; Shapiro, Thomas M. Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2008 2052
Disentangling the differences between abusive and predatory lending: professionals' perspectives. Delgadillo, Lucy M.; Erickson, Luke V.; Piercy, Kathleen W. Report Sep 22, 2008 8371
The poor still pay more: the small-loan industry preys on low-income Americans who often have no choice but to accept their outrageous payment terms. But this big business may be facing trouble. Mierzwinski, Ed Sep 1, 2008 5664
Reining in the loan sharks: in Ohio, a victory over predatory lending. Allio, Tom Aug 1, 2008 651
Program seeks to educate citizens about predatory lending. Squires, Stuart Jul 21, 2008 741
Another chapter in the foreclosure crisis: cities start fighting the targeting of Black homeowners. Regales, Jackie Jul 1, 2008 455
Payday loan limit delay fails in House. Sanders, Bob Brief article May 23, 2008 182
Detoothing the loan sharks: five ways' to put the brakes on predatory lending. Vaughan, Alexis May 1, 2008 611
Predatory-lending litigation looms. May 1, 2008 818
Discriminatory practices. May 1, 2008 467
Beyond borrowers. Burtka, Allison Torres May 1, 2008 531
Putting quality and control back in quality control. Hughes, Craig May 1, 2008 1584
Legal assistance: the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 and protecting soldiers against predatory lending. Gordon, Jason M. Apr 1, 2008 9221
The deregulation of usury ceilings, rise of easy credit, and increasing consumer debt. Mercatante, Steven Mar 22, 2008 7272
Mortgage meltdown. Mar 15, 2008 449
The evolution of a suitability standard in the mortgage lending industry: the subprime meltdown fuels the fires of change. Hirsch, Frank A., Jr. Mar 1, 2008 8695
Federal usury law for service members: the Talent-Nelson Amendment. Aul, Patrick M. Mar 1, 2008 9256
House backs home loan reforms. Feb 22, 2008 553
Dodd introduces anti-predatory-lending bill. Feb 1, 2008 382
Senate passes FHA reform bill. Feb 1, 2008 354
Predatory lending laws: the next, not last, step: new laws expand the prohibitions on predatory lending, and more regulation is on the horizon. Weston, James K. Jan 1, 2008 853
Buyer beware: a new scam targets immigrants with English-only mortgage documents. Hing, Julianne Ong Jan 1, 2008 627
Military Personnel: DOD's Predatory Lending Report Addressed Mandated Issues, but Support Is Limited for Some Findings and Recommendations. Jan 1, 2008 740
House passes mortgage reform bill. Jan 1, 2008 632
Emerging consumer credit issues for older Australians. Gibson, Frances; Rochford, Francine Jan 1, 2008 13086
Senate housing finance reform bill introduced. Wallace, Mike Dec 17, 2007 506
MBA cites 'serious issues' with House mortgage reform bill. Dec 1, 2007 641
New rule limits predatory loans. Wood, Sara Brief article Dec 1, 2007 187
House passes bipartisan Mortgage Reform bill. Wallace, Mike Nov 26, 2007 434
Mortgage reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act passes committee. Wallace, Mike Nov 12, 2007 485
Bill would reform the nation's mortgage process. Wallace, Mike Oct 29, 2007 543
Dodd to file anti-predatory-lending bill. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 213
Predatory lending: the continuing saga: a new bill would redefine yet again the Illinois anti-predatory-lending law. Weston, James K. Oct 1, 2007 610
Predatory lending and the military: predatory lending is always problematic, but it's a special concern when military personnel are preyed upon during active duty. A new law will help curb abuses, and the federal reserve is playing a regulatory role alongside the department of defense (DOD). Milner, Michael Sep 22, 2007 991
Non-profit competes with payday loan shops in Wisconsin town. Sep 10, 2007 367
Spitzer aiming to help borrowers 'Keep the Dream'. Aug 15, 2007 553
A tale of too many cities and states: states and cities have been where the action is in terms of new laws and regulations of concern to the mortgage business. Working together, industry coalitions have fought off threatening policies in a growing number of places. Pfotenhauer, Kurt Aug 1, 2007 2615
U.S. editorial excerpts. Editorial Jul 16, 2007 494
State to help troubled homeowners; Program would provide $250M for refinancing. Jul 12, 2007 501
HUD's Jackson pushes homeownership, FHA revamp. Jul 1, 2007 571
Legislative developments for real estate lawyers: mortgage fraud and bifurcated closings are among the issues that confronted this year's General Assembly - and last year's predatory lending law may yet have a new lease on life. Weston, James K. Jul 1, 2007 890
Consumer experiences with predatory lending practices. Hill, Ronald Paul; Kozup, John C. Jun 22, 2007 7672
Can states tax national banks to educate consumers about predatory lending practices? Jackson, Howell E.; Anderson, Stacy A. Jun 22, 2007 22038
Congress, policymakers weigh subprime foreclosure fixes. Jun 1, 2007 552
Keep clients away from predatory lending. Aydlette, Kim Jun 1, 2007 829
Spitzer sets sight on predatory lenders. May 23, 2007 537
Combatting predatory lending. Chucala, Steven May 1, 2007 489
House committee moves forward on predatory lending. Wallace, Mike Apr 23, 2007 591
Civil rights groups seek moratorium on foreclosures resulting from predatory loans. Wallace, Mike Apr 9, 2007 809
Revive usury law. Editorial Apr 5, 2007 455
Governor puts predatory lending legislation on hold: an executive order by Governor Blagojevich effectively shut down the program to combat predatory lending authorized by House Bill 4050. Weston, James K. Apr 1, 2007 674
The more things change ... Editorial Mar 30, 2007 434
Cities showcase new documentary to highlight growing personal debt problems. Goldberg, Heidi Mar 12, 2007 686
Lenders shunned ZIPs before law. Strumpf, San Mar 1, 2007 268
City governments and predatory lending. Entin, Jonathan L.; Yazback, Shadya Y. Mar 1, 2007 12289
Senate predatory lending hearing to be followed by more hearings. Mar 1, 2007 466
Spotting and avoiding trouble. Morse, Neil J. Mar 1, 2007 924
Payday moles. Editorial Feb 19, 2007 458
Anti-predatory-lending standard, mortgage fraud top MBA agenda. Feb 1, 2007 561
The varying effects of predatory lending laws on high-cost mortgage applications. Giang, Ho; Pennington-Cross, Anthony Report Jan 1, 2007 8803
Rep. Frank: predatory lending, GSE reform top priorities. Jan 1, 2007 483
Ohio, Maryland courts overturn local predatory lending laws. Jan 1, 2007 583
Predatory lending continues to affect navy readiness. Husman, Jonathan G. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 307
UNH report says predatory lending worse in rural areas. Report Oct 27, 2006 551
Better options for subprime lenders. Schneider, Howard Sep 1, 2006 867
Tennessee: anti-predatory lending victory. Farr, Jessica LeVeen Jun 22, 2006 445
Predatory lending and the importance of financial readiness. Scott, Terry D. Jun 1, 2006 663
Oxley: no predatory lending bill this year. Jun 1, 2006 400
Audioconference to focus on helping build family assets. Goldberg, Heidi May 15, 2006 551
Oxley doubts anti-predatory lending bill this year. Mar 22, 2006 265
Study shows predatory lending laws are working. Mar 1, 2006 525
Defending the industry: a handful of veteran lawyers say this industry falls victim to plaintiffs' attorneys more often than not because laws and regulations governing it are antiquated. Here's their brief on some thorny issues, including predatory lending laws, RESPA reform and appraisal fraud. Quinn, Lawrence Richter Nov 1, 2005 4388
Kanjorski calls for self-regulation against predatory lenders. Oct 1, 2005 435
Protecting our military from predatory lenders: the men and women who volunteer to serve in the military, many of whom enlist straight out of high school, often have limited experience in financial matters. Milner, Michael Sep 22, 2005 880
Compliance: danger in the details. Lambropoulos, Bill Sep 1, 2005 1216
Expect compromise on final anti-predatory lending bill. Wisniowski, Charles Aug 1, 2005 562
Flagstar selects PCi to combat predatory lending. Aug 1, 2005 201
MBA calls anti-abusive lending bill a good first step. Apr 1, 2005 507
North Carolina's predatory mortgage lending law: 1999 N.C. Sess. Laws Chap. 332. Morton, Heather Dec 1, 2004 1163
In pursuit of safety and soundness: an analysis of the OCC's anti-predatory lending standard. McMonagle, Diana Nov 1, 2004 9144
Hud launches campaign on predatory lending education. Oct 1, 2004 355
Predatory lending: are you at risk? Some borrowers may be particularly vulnerable to abusive lending practices. Worley, Barb Aug 1, 2004 1098
Predatory lending still plaques minority homebuyers. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 306
The pre-emption debate. Milligan, Jack Jun 1, 2004 3140
Real estate finance industry calls for uniform national standard on predatory lending laws. May 1, 2004 335
Shareholders pounce on predators. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 139
Federal agencies publish consumer brochure on predatory lending. Nov 1, 2003 860
A defensive strategy. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Sep 1, 2003 354
Avoiding the 'predatory servicer' label. (Servicing). Batte, Mary Bruce Aug 1, 2003 1652
More transparency. (On the Road). Morse, Neil J. Jul 1, 2003 1019
MBA hosts enforcement summit to combat predatory lending. (Business Alert). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 251
Making and selling good loans. (On the Road). Morse, Neil J. Jun 1, 2003 1083
A "flip" look at predatory lending: will the Fed's revised Regulation Z end abusive refinancing practices? Pyle, Michael J. May 1, 2003 3749
ACORN study alleges racial disparities in subprime. (Business Alert). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 186

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