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Precision targeting and close air support.

The Joint Unmanned Air Combat System, a joint Air Force-Navy-DARPA project, seeks to develop a family of unmanned aircraft for bombing and ISR missions. The program manager from DARPA tells National Defense that JUCAS will have a common architecture and will allow participation by all the services. While the Air Force aircraft will focus on combat missions, the Navy is interested in ISR capabilities.

We also take a look at efforts by the U.S. Air Force to upgrade their aircraft so it can better execute close air support missions.

Of most concern is the need to get a better "ground picture" to avoid incidents of fratricide and destruction of civilian property. With this in mind, the Air Force has embarked upon a program to improve CAS. The service is upgrading its aging fleet of A-10s.
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Publication:National Defense
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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