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Precision Strike Association 17th Annual Precision Strike Technology Symposium.

The Precision Strike Association will sponsor the 17th Annual Precision Strike Technology Symposium Oct. 23-25, 2007, at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory-Kossiakoff Conference Center in Laurel, Md. The 2007 theme is "Precision Strike Capabilities and Technologies for the Long War." Effective precision strike demands a timely and effective kill chain to some of the most important targets, which are, in the words of Dr. Paul Wolfowitz, "the ones that move around, staying put for only short periods." This year's event continues to provide a forum for exchanging insights, experiences, and ideas on Joint and Coalition Precision Strike Technologies to improve the kill chain. It also uniquely offers participants the opportunity to present to peers the latest and cutting-edge research and thinking in areas of strike weapons, desired weapons effects, targeting, and required C4ISR. Surveys from past symposia reflect that updates on current and kill chain technologies, concepts, capabilities, and processes for both near and future planning and operations are exactly what symposium participants desire.

Monitor the Precision Strike Association Web site <> for future updates and registration information.
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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