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Precision Engine Controls.


The eXVG gas fuel metering valve is designed for use with industrial engines up to 13,000 HP and turbines up to 10 MW. The valve's patented fuel-flow measurement technique, along with fast, accurate and repeatable operation, results in better fuel/air ratio control for lowering emissions and improving engine performance.

Mounting N/A

End Fittings Flanged End Fittings

Media Type Natural, Man-Made Gases

Flow Rate 12 to 12,400 LBM/hr. (300 PSIGd)

Oper. Temp N/A

Key Features

* Integrated 24-V digital electronics for closed-loop fuel control

* An operating pressure of 500 PSIG

* Base, flow measurement, flow control and flow limiting operational modes

* A 2" inside diameter for more fuel flow

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Title Annotation:SpecCheck/Flowmeters
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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