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Precise Packaging: Hand Sanitizer Formulations.

Precise Packaging, a strategic partner offering complete product solutions from formulation development to product design, compounding, filling, labeling, packaging and more for aerosol and liquid products, announced enhanced capabilities for the creation of moisturizing hand sanitizer products.

Precise Packaging has worked with customers to bring alcohol and non-alcohol liquid and aerosol hand sanitizer solutions to market for over a decade. The addition of moisturizing attributes addresses market demand for hand sanitizer formulations that deliver the benefits of germ control without drying skin.

Moisturizing ingredients can be added to a wide variety of hand sanitizer formats including liquid pump sprays, squeeze bottles, foaming solutions and aerosol sprays, available with packaging and dispensing components to accommodate liquid fill sizes as low as 5 mL, aerosol fill sizes as low as 0.25 oz., and valve sizes from 13 mm up to 1 in.

As an FDA-registered manufacturer of OTC drugs, Precise Packaging adheres to strict quality and documentation standards to meet FDA requirements for process control, documentation and testing.

Hand sanitizers have become a staple product on retail shelves because of their ability to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of disease and contamination. The company serves as a single-source provider, helping customers formulate and fill aerosol and liquid hand sanitizer products.

Travel-size moisturizing hand sanitizers present an attractive alternative for frequent users such as doctors, teachers and caregivers, as they deliver convenient grab-and-go germ protection without stripping away skin oils that retain moisture.

Precise Packaging specialists guide the research, product development and packaging process and advise on factors such as the level and types of actives, selection of appropriate caps for product protection and the addition of natural and fragrance attributes to meet customer specifications.

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Publication:Healthcare Packaging
Date:Feb 22, 2019
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