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How to protect wood floors from inclement weather. Sep 11, 2019 456
The Met Office weather forecast for where you are in Wales this week as Hurricane Dorian causes wind and rain; But we are likely to see a summer reprieve next weekend. Sep 8, 2019 614
UK weather forecast: Saharan plume to bring hottest Indian summer ever with highs of 26C; But first the temperatures will drop to single digits as Hurricane Dorian brings cloud and rain across the Atlantic - before weather heats up. Sep 8, 2019 439
ClimaCell weather app alerts when it's about to rain, down to the minute, all around the world. Aug 13, 2019 840
Cloud-seeding test-flight flown over Aurangabad. Aug 10, 2019 147
New cyclone approaching Latvia today. Aug 10, 2019 122
Extended wet weather ended in July in Illinois with less rain and more heat. Aug 9, 2019 544
A GLOBAL GRIDDED DATASET OF THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE RAINY AND DRY SEASONS: A global gridded dataset containing the characteristics of the rainy and dry seasons, including onset and demise dates, duration, and accumulated precipitation during the wet and dry seasons, is described. Bombardi, Rodrigo J.; Kinter, James L., III; Frauenfeld, Oliver W. Report Jul 1, 2019 7604
Iran Expecting Two-Fold Rise in Hydro-Electricity Generation this Summer. May 29, 2019 763
Architectural, Construction, Engineering And Inspection Services - City Of Northeim - Industrial Area West. May 21, 2019 216
A Series Of Winter Storms Sweeps Over California. May 17, 2019 524
PCRWR to expand scope of Irrigation Advisory, register 100, 000 farmers. May 13, 2019 342
New Portion of Precipitation over Bulgaria Starts from Today. May 12, 2019 146
Changeable cloudy weather expected on Saturday. May 10, 2019 227
Does It Ever Rain On Mars? May 9, 2019 384
Monthly weather report for April. May 7, 2019 473
PCRWR to expand scope of Irrigation Advisory, register 100, 000 farmers. May 6, 2019 269
Observation Of Precipitation Of Buildings And Structures. May 6, 2019 156
Impending disaster. May 6, 2019 800
PCRWR to expand scope of Irrigation Advisory, register 100, 000 farmers. May 6, 2019 331
Flooding across region. May 2, 2019 293
Flooding causes road closures in sections of DuPage County. May 2, 2019 286
Flooding causes road closures. May 2, 2019 293
United States : Governor Cuomo Directs Deployment of Flood Prevention Resources to Lake Ontario Communities. May 2, 2019 662
United States : WYDOT bridge work delayed. May 2, 2019 179
Karachiites brave heat, dusty winds. May 1, 2019 289
How bad will it be? One of the biggest sources of climate uncertainty is how clouds will behave. Tapio Schneider's powerful new model should give us some answers. Pickett, Mallory Interview May 1, 2019 754
CIRCLING UNCERTAINTY: Missing from a circling approach can leave you in limbo, but ATC and the AIM can help get you back on track to a safe missed approach. Kramer, Tarrance May 1, 2019 2308
NTSB Reports: Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents. May 1, 2019 2517
PCRWR to expand scope of Irrigation Advisory, register 100, 000 farmers. Apr 30, 2019 336
Pakistan, Karachi sizzles as heat wave grips city. Apr 30, 2019 274
Removing The Effects Of Flooding In The Kroscienko Nad Dunajcem Commune. Apr 27, 2019 200
Climate Change Already Impacting Water Quality. Apr 25, 2019 468
Supply Of A Solid/Liquid Separation Model And Effluent Decontamination. Apr 25, 2019 246
Landslide reveals geological fault in the town of Ram. Apr 22, 2019 238
United States : Reclamation increases releases from McKay Dam. Apr 16, 2019 260
United States : Thune Urges USDA Secretary to Prioritize Improvements to U.S. Drought Monitor During Farm Bill Implementation. Apr 11, 2019 270
March was slightly cooler than long-term normal. Apr 7, 2019 400
United States : Reclamation announces Yakima basin water supply - April forecast. Apr 5, 2019 224
Soaring Demand Drives Travertine Tiles Market Growth during the Forecast Period, 2018 to 2028. Apr 4, 2019 1273
Travertine Tiles Market Expectations & Growth Trends Highlighted until 2028. Apr 4, 2019 1247
LANDWISE: LAND management in loWland catchments for Integrated flood riSk rEduction. Apr 1, 2019 473
Still more rain to come after wet weekend. Apr 1, 2019 579
Bark Reception For A Precipitation Bath (s) - 1shg. Okrb Code: 22. 22. 19. 921. Mar 30, 2019 109
Women-headed household more climate change resilient: Muthukumara Mani. Mar 29, 2019 449
Women-headed household more climate change resilient: Muthukumara Mani. Mar 28, 2019 441
Leishmaniasis outbreak in KP, entomologists blames climate change for increase in vector borne diseases. Mar 23, 2019 670
Development Of A Sensor For The Detection Of Undercooled, Liquid Precipitation (fzra). Mar 22, 2019 435
Felling, Precipitation And Clearing Of Forest For The 380 Kv Wahle-mecklar Line. Mar 22, 2019 112
Baku awaits rainy weather. Mar 19, 2019 232
What we could do if we controlled weather. Mar 18, 2019 359
Rainy weather expected in Baku. Mar 18, 2019 229
Spring Returns to Bulgaria with Full Force. Mar 15, 2019 160
Heavy storms prompt yellow weather warning. Mar 13, 2019 185
United States : Gov. Ricketts Issues Emergency Declaration as Nebraska Prepares for Potential Historic Flooding. Mar 13, 2019 677
February in Illinois was colder, stormier and wetter than usual -BYLN- Submitted by Lisa Sheppard, U of I Prairie Research Institute. Mar 8, 2019 359
Purchase Of Equipment For Monitoring Precipitation: Ph-meters, Conductometers, Magnetic Stirrers. Mar 8, 2019 133
Winter will Come Back to Bulgaria, but Only for a Day. Mar 8, 2019 238
Multivariate Max-stable Processes with Application to the Forecasting of Multiple Hazards. Mar 7, 2019 371
NSFDEB-NERC:Tropical deadwood carbon fluxes: Improving carbon models by incorporating termites and microbes. Mar 7, 2019 509
Germany,United States : Relation between heavy precipitation and forest fires in California. Mar 7, 2019 757
United States : After Severe Storm, Kemp Declares State of Emergency in Grady, Harris & Talbot Counties. Mar 6, 2019 215
Geodesic Observations: Control Of Precipitation Foundations Of Foundations Of A High-rise Storage Facility; Geodetic Observations: Control Over The Horizontal And Vertical Movements Of The Spatial Frame Of The Building Of The High-rise Storage; Studies Of. Mar 6, 2019 170
February was 1.2 degree Celsius above monthly normal. Mar 6, 2019 339
February was stormy, wet and cold in Illinois February. Mar 6, 2019 557
February was stormy, wet and cold in Illinois. Mar 6, 2019 557
February was 1.2 degree above monthly normal. Mar 6, 2019 339
Jammu and Kashmir receives fresh Snow, farmers expect better produce. Mar 3, 2019 205
Jammu and Kashmir receives fresh Snow, farmers expect better produce. Mar 2, 2019 207
RECENT THIRD POLE'S RAPID WARMING ACCOMPANIES CRYOSPHERIC MELT AND WATER CYCLE INTENSIFICATION AND INTERACTIONS BETWEEN MONSOON AND ENVIRONMENT: Multidisciplinary Approach with Observations, Modeling, and Analysis: We present the latest development in multidisciplinary Third Pole research and associated recommendations regarding the unprecedented warming in the Third Pole's past 2,000 years. Mar 1, 2019 14925
United States : Boise River flood risk management operations to begin. Feb 28, 2019 244
Rain Toward Noon, Snowfall in the Mountains. Feb 22, 2019 136
Leishmaniasis disease outbreaks in KP. Feb 20, 2019 168
Emergency officials warn drivers to avoid flooded roads Flood. Feb 20, 2019 308
Emergency officials warn drivers to avoid flooded roads Flood:. Feb 20, 2019 308
Snow, freezing rain moving through the suburbs. Feb 12, 2019 167
Icy roads await motorists this morning. Feb 8, 2019 133
Met Office predicts two-day rainy spell. Feb 6, 2019 228
United States : BLM Prescribed Fire Near Moapa Moved Back to February 5-7. Feb 6, 2019 317
United States : Governor Cuomo Urges Local Governments to Prepare for Potential Ice Jam Flooding in Parts of the State. Feb 6, 2019 457
KovaA: Water levels of rivers are currently stagnating and in mild decline. Feb 4, 2019 437
Burst pipes? Floods? Certainly potholes. Feb 1, 2019 658
Burst pipes? Floods? Certainly potholes Thaw: Burst pipes could be revealed when it's warmer. Feb 1, 2019 658
IS PRECIPITATION A GOOD METRIC FOR MODEL PERFORMANCE? The suitability of precipitation as a metric for model performance and as a tool for model improvement is explored. Tapiador, Francisco J.; Roca, Remy; Del Genio, Anthony; Dewitte, Boris; Petersen, Walt; Zhang, Fuqin Essay Feb 1, 2019 6580
A SCALE TO CHARACTERIZE THE STRENGTH AND IMPACTS OF ATMOSPHERIC RIVERS: A scale for atmospheric river intensity and potential impacts is introduced, enhancing situational awareness and forecast communication. Ralph, F. Martin; Rutz, Jonathan J.; Cordeira, Jason M.; Dettinger, Michael; Anderson, Michael; Reyn Report Feb 1, 2019 11281
Cloudy Skies, Rain in many Places Throughout Bulgaria, Snow Above 1,000 m. Jan 30, 2019 111
United States : Frigid Temperatures and More Winter Precipitation Expected This Week. Jan 29, 2019 734
La movilizacion legal fundamentada en el derecho al agua del pueblo Wayuu contra la represa El Cercado: un medio eficaz para la batalla juridica desde abajo centrada en los tribunales? Vidal Parra, Sergi Jan 1, 2019 10805
The Economics of Climate Change and the Intersection with Conflict, Violence, and Migration: Implications for the Nursing Profession. Nicholas, Patrice K.; Breakey, Suellen Report Jan 1, 2019 6559
WINTER STORM CONDITIONS LEADING TO EXCESSIVE RUNOFF ABOVE CALIFORNIA'S OROVILLE DAM DURING JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2017: Record precipitation accompanied by high freezing levels and a damaged spillway caused California's Lake Oroville to overflow in February 2017, forcing a major evacuation. White, Allen B.; Moore, Benjamin J.; Gottas, Daniel J.; Neiman, Paul J. Report Jan 1, 2019 8552
HYDROCLIMATIC EXTREMES AS CHALLENGES FOR THE WATER MANAGEMENT COMMUNITY: LESSONS FROM OROVILLE DAM AND HURRICANE HARVEY. Vano, Julie A.; Dettinger, Michael D.; Cifelli, Rob; Curtis, David; Dufour, Alexis; Miller, Kathleen Jan 1, 2019 3211
ANTHROPOGENIC CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE INTENSITY OF THE 2017 UNITED STATES NORTHERN GREAT PLAINS DROUGHT: Anthropogenic forcing made the occurrence of observed 20/7 northern Great Plains drought intensity up to 1.5 times more likely through aridification due to long-term increases in evapotranspiration over precipitation. Hoell, Andrew; Perlwitz, Judith; Dewes, Candida; Wolter, Klaus; Rangwala, Imtiaz; Quan, Xiao-Wei; Ei Report Jan 1, 2019 2833
ATTRIBUTION OF THE 2017 NORTHERN HIGH PLAINS DROUGHT. Wang, Hailan; Schubert, Siegfried D.; Koster, Randal D.; Chang, Yehui Report Jan 1, 2019 2754
DECEMBER 2016: LINKING THE LOWEST ARCTIC SEA-ICE EXTENT ON RECORD WITH THE LOWEST EUROPEAN PRECIPITATION EVENT ON RECORD: Our study suggests that record-breaking low precipitation over parts of western Europe during December 2016 may have been favored by an unprecedented reduction of Arctic sea ice, likely driven by anthropogenic climate change. Navarro, Juan C. Acosta; Ortega, Pablo; Garcia-Serrano, Javier; Guemas, Virginie; Tourigny, Etienne; Report Jan 1, 2019 2675
Effects of urban afforestation on the reduction of runoff and on the peak flow delay/ Efeitos da arborizacao urbana na reducao do escoamento pluvial superficial e no atraso do pico de vazao. Alves, Patricia Layne; Formiga, Klebber Teodomiro Martins Jan 1, 2019 7140
Watershed Modeling And Plan Development. Dec 16, 2018 279
Who's dreaming of a white Christmas? Here are the chances for festive snow on Teesside; The last widespread white Christmas in the UK was recorded by the Met Office in 2010. Dec 16, 2018 381
Genotype-environment interaction on the density of peach buds cultivated in a humid subtropical climate/Interacao genotipo-ambiente na densidade de gemas de pessegueiro cultivado em clima subtropical. Penso, Gener Augusto; Citadin, Idemir; Scariotto, Silvia; Danner, Moeses Andrigo; Sachet, Marcos Rob Dec 15, 2018 5609
United States : Governor Cooper Thanks Winter Storm Responders and Reminds Residents To Be Prepared for More Winter Weather. Dec 13, 2018 432
Cold wave intensifies in Delhi, air quality remains 'very poor'. Dec 12, 2018 553
United States : City of Atlanta Prepared to Pretreat Priority 1&2 Bridges in Preparation for Winter Storm. Dec 11, 2018 246
United States : City of Atlanta Prepares for Potential Wintry Mix. Dec 11, 2018 174
United States : North Carolina prepares for major winter blast. Dec 7, 2018 557
Fully Automated Stirred Co-precipitation Unit (as Per Tender Documents). Dec 7, 2018 116
The Purpose Of This Contract Is To Provide Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (pah) Analysis In Precipitation And Aerosols For The Department Of Atmospheric Sciences And Environmental Engineering (sage) Of The Mines Telecom Lille Douai Institute. . Dec 6, 2018 186
Services Of Analyzes Of Heavy Metals In Precipitation And Aerosols. Dec 6, 2018 142
United States : Weekend Storm Carries Potential for Further Power Outages. Dec 4, 2018 450
Integrated impact of sulphur and nitrogen deposition and ozone on forest ecosystems in Lithuania, 1995-2015/Vaavli ja lammastiku depositsiooni ning osooni koosmoju metsaokosusteemidele Leedus, 1995-2015. Bycenkiene, Steigvile; Plauskaite, Kristina; Augustaitiene, Ingrida; Augustaitis, Algirdas; Baumgart Report Dec 1, 2018 6630
The future climate regions in Estonia. Sepp, Mait; Tamm, Tanel; Sagris, Valentina Report Dec 1, 2018 4338
THE INFLUENCE OF C[O.sub.2] FORCING ON NORTH AMERICAN MONSOON MOISTURE SURGES. Pascale, Salvatore; Kapnick, S.B.; Bordoni, S.; Delworth, T.L. Dec 1, 2018 592
RESPUESTA DEL CULTIVO DE SANDIA (Citrullus lanatus L.) AL METODO Y PATRON DE INJERTOS ADAPTADOS A CONDICIONES EDAFICAS ACIDAS. Escalante-Gonzalez, J.L.; Arebalo-Madrigal, M.; Merida-Reyes, J.L.; Delgadillo-Hernandez, E.U.; Yane Dec 1, 2018 3068
Abundancia, diversidad y huella metabolica de comunidades de nematodos en diferentes zonas de vida en la Region Huetar Norte de Costa Rica. Varela Benavides, Ingrid Dec 1, 2018 6202
Asociaciones polinicas de sedimentos superficiales del norte de la region chaquena argentina. de los Angeles Pereira, Elizabeth; Roman Torres, Gonzalo; Concepcion Lupo, Liliana; Kulemeyer, Julio Dec 1, 2018 9237
PCRWR plans to expand scope of SMS service for farmers. Nov 30, 2018 300
UAE: It is raining tonight. Nov 25, 2018 284
Delivery Of Pilot Plant Components For Nitrogen Removal And Phosphorus Recovery From The Pit Waters, For The Needs Of The Faculty Of Civil And Environmental Engineering At The Gdansk University Of Technology. Nov 25, 2018 210
Geodetic Work To Monitor Precipitation And Deformations Of Buildings And Structures Of The Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Nov 25, 2018 107
Met office issues thunderstorm warning. Nov 23, 2018 216
First snow of winter; MILDER AND WET WEATHER ON THE WAY. Nov 22, 2018 243
The Forstbetrieb 178 Falch-tennengau Awards Approx. 4,000 Efm Timber Harvesting Work In The Form Of A Master Contract With Motor-driven Precipitation In Conjunction With Manual Return. Nov 10, 2018 145
Snow causing problems with morning commute. Nov 10, 2018 112
PCRWR plans to expand scope of 'Irrigation Advisory SMS Service for Farmers'. Nov 9, 2018 499
PCRWR plans to expand scope of `Irrigation Advisory SMS Service for Farmers'. Nov 9, 2018 443
Monthly weather summary. Nov 8, 2018 600
Fill rate of Tunisian dams stands at 31% and 86%. Nov 8, 2018 288
Weather forecast for November announced. Nov 1, 2018 501
STORM SURGE: Lessons Learned from the 2018 Japan Floods. List, Bobbie van der Nov 1, 2018 2405
Sectoral Ciliary Body Agenesis Complicated with Cataract Formation Diagnosed by Ultrasound Biomicroscopy. Totuk, Ozgun Melike Gedar; Salcan, Ilhami; Atalay, Melih; Aykan, Umit Report Nov 1, 2018 1376
Effect of Heat Treatment and La Doping on the Electrical Properties of BiFeO3. Ullah, Fazal; Awan, M.S.; Wazir, Z.; Sabir, Irfan; Haq, A. ul Technical report Oct 31, 2018 5175
The Provision Of Engineering Services For The Conduct Of Technical Supervision At The Facility: Maintenance Of Roofs And Drainage Systems Of Atmospheric Precipitation Of Bsu Facilities (9 Objects). Oct 30, 2018 128
Purchase Of Precipitation Chemicals. Oct 30, 2018 117
PHL's Dr. Perez wins top prize in 2018 Asean-U.S. Science Prize for Women. Oct 28, 2018 881
Tangible drop in temps forecast for weekend. Oct 26, 2018 205
Video: Massive thunderstorm blankets Saudi with hail 1-metre deep. Oct 26, 2018 127
Human Activity, Storm Runoff and Flash Floods. Oct 23, 2018 714
UP professor bags int'l science award. Oct 22, 2018 277
Request For Qualification - Hydrologic And Hydraulic Modeling Software For Stormwater Department. Oct 21, 2018 133
United States : AER Winter Forecast Predicts Mild Temperatures in Northern and Eastern U.S., Cold in the Southwest. Oct 20, 2018 418
Reconstruction Of Communal Roads After Heavy Precipitation And Floods In 2006, 2009, 2013, And 2014. Oct 20, 2018 277
Fb Steyrtal - 16 450 Efm In 11 Lots Random Uses With Motorm. Precipitation And Tractor Removal. Oct 20, 2018 151
Process design and modelling of blended fertilizers from waste streams derived from anaerobic digestate and ash products of thermal gasification techn. Oct 18, 2018 206
China : Glacial lake in western China bursts, annual average temperatures in area up 2 to 3 C since 1961. Oct 18, 2018 564
Preparatory Work On The Precipitation Drainage System For The Extension Of The Manipulative Platoon Project At Slavonski Brod Port - Container Terminal. Oct 18, 2018 102
Floods: Inadequate drainage systems more to blame than climate change -Expert. Oct 16, 2018 291
United States : Out-of-date Data May Contribute to Future Flooding in the U.S. Oct 15, 2018 464
Germany : Do we need technical measures for CO2 removal to achieve the 1.5 target? Oct 12, 2018 487
Situation Getting Back to Normal after Torrential Rains in Burgas. Oct 2, 2018 106
A Study of Recombinant Factor IX in Drosophila Insect S2 Cell Lines Through Transient Gene Expression Technology. Vatandoost, Jafar; Sani, Kambiz Kafi Report Oct 1, 2018 2233
The Impacts of Temperature, Precipitation, and Growing Degree-Days on First Egg Dates of Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) and Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) in Ohio. Sockman, Jesse; Courter, Jason Report Oct 1, 2018 4318
Activity Patterns by Feral Hogs in the Texas Panhandle. Franckowiak, Gregory A.; Torres-Poche, Aria; Poche, Richard M. Report Oct 1, 2018 6881
The Adjustment Of The Program For Observations Of Precipitation In Buildings And Structures Of Smolensk Npp. Sep 23, 2018 110
Boosting Pavement Resilience. Dylla, Heather; Hyman, Rob Sep 22, 2018 3773
Rv Cleaning Road Drainage Systems 2019-2022. Sep 21, 2018 291
The onus lies on us to minimise global warming. Sep 20, 2018 172
AIR Worldwide Estimates Insured Wind and Storm Surge Losses for Hurricane Florence Will be Between USD 1.7 Billion and USD 4.6 Billion. Sep 18, 2018 793
Boise Airport expands a storm water retention pond. Sep 14, 2018 135
Can wind and solar power plants turn desert green? Sep 13, 2018 560
Predicting Impacts of Cyclones in South-East Africa (PICSEA). Sep 11, 2018 262
Monitoring The Chemical Composition Of Atmospheric Precipitation At The Site Of The El-dabaa Npp In Egypt. Sep 9, 2018 103
Le [beaucoup moins que]Dark-Side[beaucoup plus grand que] de l'affaire Kaddour : Chahed aurait-il confondu rapidite et precipitation ? Sep 5, 2018 814
Le [beaucoup moins que]Dark-Side[beaucoup plus grand que] de l'affaire Kaddour : Chahed aurait-il confondu rapidite et precipitation ?, La curee monte contre Chahed. L'heure du choix a-t-elle sonne ?,4 ministres mettent sur les rails le developpement des chaines de valeur. Sep 5, 2018 375
Impacts of El Nino to intensify as climate warms, new study finds. Sep 2, 2018 811
Variacion intra e inter anual en una pradera de pastos marinos en la costa caribena de Costa Rica: 2009-2015. Loria-Naranjo, Margarita; Samper-Villarreal, Jimena; Sandoval-Siles, Marylaura; Cortes, Jorge Sep 1, 2018 6395
A lab-made method for extracting DNA from soils. Anderson, Michael Report Sep 1, 2018 6807
REMOTE AND AUTONOMOUS MEASUREMENTS OF PRECIPITATION IN ANTARCTICA. Seefeldt, Mark W.; Landolt, S.D.; Monaghan, A.J.; Lentz, J. Sep 1, 2018 495
Integrating Data Rescue into the Classroom. Ryan, Ciara; Duffy, Catriona; Broderick, Ciaran; Thorne, Peter W.; Curley, Mary; Walsh, Seamus; Daly Sep 1, 2018 4244
THE SETUP OF THE MesoVICT PROJECT: MesoVICT focuses on the application, capability, and enhancement of spatial verification methods as applied to deterministic and ensemble forecasts of precipitation, wind, and temperature over complex terrain and Includes observation uncertainty assessment. Dorninger, Manfred; Gilleland, Eric; Casati, Barbara; Mittermaier, Marion P.; Ebert, Elizabeth E.; B Sep 1, 2018 11565
Surface Characterization of Ni-Mg-Al and Co-Mg-Al Hydrotalcites Investigated by Inverse Gas Chromatography. Report Aug 31, 2018 3456
Rv Cleaning Road Drainage Systems 2019-2022. Aug 22, 2018 289
Canada : Boundary residents urged to conserve water. Aug 18, 2018 363
Weather alert: Pebble-sized hail stones pound UAE. Aug 15, 2018 189
Damage Removal At The Site Of Zaklad Utylizacji Odpadw Sp. Z O. O. Arising As A Result Of Events Bearing The Characteristics Of A Natural Disaster, Which Occurred On 18 September 2017 In Elblag As A. Aug 14, 2018 299
Ukraine : More than half of the early cereals and legumes were harvested in the Chernihiv region. Aug 9, 2018 182
Heavy Rains In Toronto Cause Flooding, Power Outages. Aug 8, 2018 588
Precipitation paralyzes the populace of twin city. Aug 8, 2018 240
Precipitation paralyzes the populace of twin city. Aug 8, 2018 418
Water harvesting; a better way to conserve water in coastal areas. Aug 7, 2018 358
Ca2coral: Elucidating the molecular and biophysical mechanism of coral calcification in view of the future acidified ocean. Aug 7, 2018 376
Housing facilities flooded in TeA!anj area. Aug 2, 2018 121
Supervision Of The Automatic Level And Precipitation Monitoring Network Of The Free State Of Thuringia. Aug 1, 2018 144
Reproductive dynamics of Lycengraulis grossidens (Clupeiformes: Engraulidae) and Platanichthysplatana (Clupeiformes: Clupeidae) in a subtropical coastal lagoon/Dinamica reprodutiva de Lycengraulis grossidens (Clupeiformes: Engraulidae) e Platanichthys platana (Clupeiformes: Clupeidae) em uma lagoa costeira subtropical. Lopes, C.A.; Reynalte-Tataje, D.A.; Nuner, A.P.O. Aug 1, 2018 6779
ANNIVERSARY: TAKEN BY STORM, 2ND EDITION. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 277
A Look at 2017: Takeaway Points from the State of the Climate Supplement. Hartfield, G.; Blunden, J.; Arndt, D.S. Aug 1, 2018 3952
A NEW RESEARCH APPROACH FOR OBSERVING AND CHARACTERIZING LAND--ATMOSPHERE FEEDBACK: A novel synergy of scanning lidar systems as well as other in situ and remote sensing instruments provides accurate 3D measurements of numerous dynamical and thermodynamical quantities to evaluate and improve our understanding of land-atmosphere interactions. Wulfmeyer, Volker; Turner, David D.; Baker, B.; Banta, R.; Behrendt, A.; Bonin, T.; Brewer, W.A.; Bu Aug 1, 2018 16681
WIVERN: A New Satellite Concept to Provide Global In-Cloud Winds, Precipitation, and Cloud Properties: A new satellite concept with a conically scanning W-band Doppler radar to provide in-cloud winds, together with estimates of global rainfall, snowfall, and cloud properties, is examined. Illingworth, A.J.; Battaglia, A.; Bradford, J.; Forsythe, M.; Joe P.; Kollias, P.; Lean, K.; Lori, M Report Aug 1, 2018 11843
2. GLOBAL CLIMATE. Dunn, R.J.H.; Stanitski, D.M.; Gobron, N.; Willett, K.M. Report Aug 1, 2018 35709
7. REGIONAL CLIMATES. Bissolli, P.; Ganter, C.; Li, T.; Mekonnen, A.; Sanchez-Lugo, A. Report Aug 1, 2018 35912
Waste water treatment. Jul 29, 2018 419
Implementation Of The Plant Operation At The Schlackenberg Landfill In Sulzbach-rosenberg. Jul 28, 2018 259
Russian Federation : In Yakutia artificial rain helped in extinguishing forest fires. Jul 25, 2018 246
Clouds and Precipitation in Central and Eastern Bulgaria. Jul 20, 2018 173
Video: Extreme weather: Things are heating up drastically this July. Jul 19, 2018 282
Russian Federation : Vladimir Sitnikov: "Stavropol needs to strengthen anti-hail protection". Jul 18, 2018 228
Russian Federation : Transbaikalian Territory takes all necessary measures to normalize the situation after the flood. Jul 18, 2018 302
Russian Federation : In Yakutia, artificial precipitation produced a result. Jul 18, 2018 136
Water harvesting to be used in dry areas, deserts to manage water: PCRWR. Jul 16, 2018 370
How climate change affects economies of Sindh and Punjab. Jul 15, 2018 788
United States : Scientists study connection between Great Plains precipitation and agricultural irrigation. Jul 13, 2018 378
Ministry embarked on the fight against droughts, launching a campaign. Jul 11, 2018 358
Pakistan launches two satellites with Chinese help. Jul 10, 2018 380
Agrominmo reports low winter wheat yield in Nikolaev. Jul 10, 2018 156
Agrominmo reports low winter wheat yield in Nikolaev. Jul 10, 2018 157
Extension Wamannsdorf Sewage Treatment Plant - Completion Levels 1 And 2. Jul 7, 2018 163
Illinois experienced a warm, wet June. Jul 7, 2018 220
HOT & HUMID Illinois experiences warm, wet June. Jul 6, 2018 317
Potential Clinical Risk of Inflammation and Toxicity from Rare-Earth Nanoparticles in Mice. Chen, Jian-Ping; Shi, Song-Sheng; Liu, Gui-Fen; Chen, Yan; Zheng, Shui-Shun; Wang, Xiao-Bin; Lin, Ru Report Jul 5, 2018 4047
Sindh's economy most vulnerable amid climate change. Jul 3, 2018 801
WHEN YA GOTTA DEVIATE: Need to deviate around weather or change your course for some unplanned reason? Don't wait to the last minute to tell ATC, and always keep your options open. Kramer, Tarrance Jul 1, 2018 2141
Dinamica temporal de la riqueza de especies y la abundancia de mariposas frugivoras (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) en la sabana inundable del municipio de Arauca (Colombia). Agudelo-Martinez, Juan Carlos; Gomez-Tapia, Evelin Maria; Perez-Buitrago, Nestor Jul 1, 2018 6898
Patrones altitudinales de las comunidades vegetales en el Choco biogeografico del Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Moreno Cavazos, Maria Paula; Soto Medina, Edier Alberto; Torres Gonzalez, Alba Marina; Llano-Almario Jul 1, 2018 7993
Purification and Partial Characterization of Superoxide Dismutase from Kidney of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix under Exposure of Metals Mixture. Rafique, Anum; Abdullah, Sajid; Abbas, Khalid; Naz, Huma; Hassan, Wardah Report Jun 30, 2018 3958
Mars Valleys Traced Back to Precipitation. Jun 30, 2018 628
United Kingdom : Extra weather station data improve ECMWFs forecasts. Jun 22, 2018 548
Monsoon is both a pollution pump and a cleanser, says study. Jun 19, 2018 434
Monsoon is both a pollution pump and a cleanser, says study. Jun 19, 2018 484
Monsoon is both a pollution pump and a cleanser, says study. Jun 18, 2018 454
Don't forget to honor Dad on Father's Day Sunday. Jun 13, 2018 811
Maintenance Of Radome. Jun 12, 2018 161
Professionals warn of storms in all Slovakia. Jun 12, 2018 353
Temperature in Bahrain warmer than normal last month. Jun 8, 2018 342
Orange meteoalarm issued, thunderstorms and heavy precipitation expected. Jun 8, 2018 113
May warmer than usual. Jun 7, 2018 309
May was warmest on record in Illinois. Jun 6, 2018 242
May was warmest on record. Jun 6, 2018 236
GCC must adopt sustainable water conservation practices. Jun 4, 2018 943
Study Connects Atlantic Circulation and Continental Rainfall. Jun 1, 2018 424
Sahara Desert Expands in the Twentieth Century. Jun 1, 2018 703
A Long-Lasting Vortex Rossby Wave--Induced Rainband of Typhoon Longwang (2005). Lin, Yanluan; Li, Yuanlong; Li, Qingshan; Chen, Minyan; Xu, Fanghua; Wang, Yuqing; Huang, Bin Report Jun 1, 2018 3845
LAND-ATMOSPHERE INTERACTIONS: The LoCo Perspective. Santanello, Joseph A., Jr.; Dirmeyer, Paul A.; Ferguson, Craig R.; Findell, Kirsten L.; Tawfik, Ahme Jun 1, 2018 12949
Diagenetic controls on reservoir quality of tight sandstone: A case study of the Upper Triassic Yanchang formation Chang 7 sandstones, Ordos Basin, China/Controles diageneticos en yacimientos de arenisca compacta: estudio de caso de las areniscas Chang 7, en la Formacion Yanchang, Triasico Superior, cuenca de Ordos, China. Zhu, Haihua; Liu, Guangcheng; Zhong, Dakang; Zhang, Tingshan; Lang, Jun; Yao, Jingli Case study Jun 1, 2018 6779
Older Amazonian forests help regulate global climate. May 29, 2018 536
Water scarcity. May 29, 2018 851
Unstable with rain, showers and thunder in BiH in the next few days. May 21, 2018 187
Back Of Wood From The Place Of Precipitation Or Processing To Truck-accessible Forest Road With 4, 6/8 And 8-wheel Machine. May 15, 2018 116
Russian Federation : How to prepare potatoes for planting - expert advice from Bashkortostan. May 10, 2018 399
18 E 018 - Renewal Of The Precipitation Center Station, Construction Work Din 18299 Ff. May 10, 2018 143
Monthly weather summary. May 8, 2018 403
Procurement Of Equipment For Strengthening The Hmss In Bosnia And Herzegovina,republic Of Serbia And Montenegro -lot1:equipment For Improving The Existing Meteorological And Precipitation Station Net. May 8, 2018 111
Last month was the second coldest April on record in Illinois. May 5, 2018 151
Green Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of CuO Nanoparticles Prepared by Using Fig Leaves Extract. Hassan, Karim Henikish; Jarullah, Areej Ali; Saadi, Sally Kamil; Harris, Peter Report May 1, 2018 2711
Canada : Caution urged with flooding in Central Interior and Cariboo. Apr 30, 2018 640
Works On Construction Of Oteret Channels In The Houses Of Jamadol, Upholster And Mala varca. Apr 23, 2018 124
Low carbon footprint could reduce impact of climate change - Nur Imani Abdullah. Apr 23, 2018 687
United States : Reclamation updates 2018 Central Valley Project water allocations. Apr 21, 2018 437
United States : NASA's GPM Catches Line of Strong Storms Responsible for Tornadoes in Eastern U.S. Apr 19, 2018 385
Russian Federation : The flood in the Moscow basin began to decline. Apr 17, 2018 711
Purchase Of Reagents And Consumables For Clinical Diagnostic Studies Part 2 For 2018 Year;cardiolipin Antigen For The Micro-precipitation Reaction. Apr 13, 2018 142
Illinois sees fourth wettest March on record. Apr 11, 2018 116
February, March the 4th wettest on record. Apr 11, 2018 199
February, March were 4th wettest on record in Illinois. Apr 9, 2018 139
Scientists Record Big Increase in Antarctic Snowfall. Apr 9, 2018 641
Rain, thundershowers likely today. Apr 8, 2018 353
Fourth wettest February, March on record in Illinois. Apr 6, 2018 200
Ecologists predict snow, heavy rain in Azerbaijan. Apr 3, 2018 217
United States : Boise River flows will increase this week. Apr 3, 2018 191
Purification and partial characterization of thioredoxin reductase from the hepatopancreas of the mollusc Mytilus galloprovincialis Lam. Acar, Esra; Hasbal, Gozde; Ozsoy, Nurten Apr 1, 2018 3243
THE THIRD ATMOSPHERIC SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT FOR UNDERSTANDING THE EARTH-ATMOSPHERE COUPLED SYSTEM OVER THE TIBETAN PLATEAU AND ITS EFFECTS: Integrated monitoring systems for the land surface, boundary layer, troposphere, and lower stratosphere over the Tibetan Plateau promote the understanding of the Earth-atmosphere coupled processes and their effects on weather and climate. Zhao, Ping; Xu, Xiangde; Chen, Fei; Guo, Xueliang; Zheng, Xiangdong; Liu, Liping; Hong, Yang; Li, Yu Apr 1, 2018 12759
QUANTIFYING THE RAIN-SHADOW EFFECT: Results from the Peak District, British Isles: How can the definition of rain shadow be applied with quantitative data? Stockham, Alexander J.; Schultz, David M.; Fairman, Jonathan G., Jr.; Draude, Adam P. Report Apr 1, 2018 8433
Reproductive biology of the commercially exploited kolibri shrimp, Solenocera agassizii (Decapoda: Solenoceridae), from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, with considerations for its management/Biologia reproductiva del camaron fidel, Solenocera agassizii (Decapoda: Solenoceridae), comercialmente explotado en la costa del Pacifico costarricense, con consideraciones para su manejo. Villalobos-Rojas, Fresia; Wehrtmann, Ingo S. Apr 1, 2018 7627
A review of the main drivers and variability of Central America's Climate and seasonal forecast systems/Una revision de los principales controladores y de la variabilidad del clima en America Central y sistemas de pronostico estacional. Maldonado, Tito; Alfaro, Eric J.; Hidalgo, Hugo G. Apr 1, 2018 13690
PHENOLOGY OF Astronium graveolens Jacq. IN SEASONAL DECIDUOUS FOREST IN VITORIA DA CONQUISTA, BAHIA/FENOLOGIA DE Astronium graveolens Jacq. EM FLORESTA ESTACIONAL DECIDUAL EM VITORIA DA CONQUISTA, BAHIA. Neto, Rodrigo Lacerda Brito; de Paula Araujo, Emerson Iuri; Maciel, Cassio Maggi Salvia; de Paula, A Apr 1, 2018 5099
Russian Federation : Fire situation in the Trans-Baikal Territory. Mar 31, 2018 170
Russian Federation : Complex hydrological situation on the rivers of Western Siberia. Mar 31, 2018 282
Russian Federation : Flood conditions in the Altai Territory. Mar 31, 2018 261
Weather forecast for April announced. Mar 30, 2018 574
: Boise River flow continues to increase next week. Mar 24, 2018 210
Is Spring Finally Coming? Mar 23, 2018 197
United States : Boise River flows set to increase. Mar 21, 2018 180
Delivery Of Precipitants For Phosphate Elimination. Mar 21, 2018 143
Annual average temperature increases by 0.5AdegC in Pakistan. Mar 20, 2018 321
Annual average temperature increases by 0.5Adegc in Pakistan. Mar 20, 2018 320
Annual average temperature increases by 0.5Adegc in Pakistan. Mar 20, 2018 320
Annual average temperature increases by 0.5AdegC in Pakistan. Mar 20, 2018 321
Pakistan's annual average temperature increasing by 0.5C. Mar 19, 2018 265
United States : Maine River Flow Advisory Commission Meets in Augusta. Mar 19, 2018 442
United States : BLM Temporarily Closes Discovery Hill Bluffs Road. Mar 16, 2018 188
Jct. Grand-saconnex - Land Clearing And Logging. Mar 15, 2018 151
Sports Hall - Including Sports Floor, Precipitation Walls. Mar 14, 2018 217
Leveraging the Weather. Douglass, Craig Mar 12, 2018 703
Last February was third hottest since records began in 1902. Mar 9, 2018 138
Meteorological Directorate: Last month was the third hottest February since records began in 1902. Mar 9, 2018 138
Delivery Of Iron Salts For The Phosphorus Elimination In The Sewage Treatment Plant Heidelberg. Mar 7, 2018 548
Cloudy in BiH tomorrow, rain in the morning. Mar 7, 2018 148
United States : Winter weather conditions continue for Glynn County. Mar 5, 2018 537
Purchase Of Precipitation Chemicals. Mar 5, 2018 112
Weather draws attention to capital's twin sports bids. Mar 3, 2018 554

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