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Precious Cargo.

Cargo-pocket bag, $22, Dickies Girl, Crochet cap, $12, Capelli New York. Top, $58. Necessary Objects. Puff-sleeve cotton T-shirt, $14, Androgyne at Mixtra. Skirt, $38, Split. Necklaces, $15 each, Richelieu. Bracelet, $4, Claire's. Ring, $15, Guess. Earrings, $8, My Generation.

Split-steeve top $28, A-Byer, Long-Sleeve T-shirt, $21, Classic Girl by American Apparel Scarf, $17, Amicl Accessories. Pants, $39, H&M, Bracelet, $15, Guess, Earrings, $11, 'ZAD, Wooden wedge sandals, $70, Hot Kiss.

Embroidered tunic, $19, H&M. Tank, $16, Classic Girl by American Apparel. Capris, $29, Hot Kiss. Terrycloth cuff, $7, Puffies by Wordstretch. Crystal earrings, $18, Guess. Wooden wedge sandals, $47, Soda Shoes. Sacred heart toggle necklace on ankle, $15, UCCICUCCI. Beaded ring, $6, My Generation. Choker, $12, Fantas-Eyes.

One-sleeve tunic, $26, Lanl. Skirt, $48, Silver Jeans. Shell belt, $15, H&M, Pearl heart bracelet, $18. My Generation. Beaded Bracelet, $11, 'ZAD. Hat, $32, Groove Camp at

Shirt $28, Hot Kiss T-shirt, $8 Jon Bezer to: Kmart Skirt, $62. Necessary Objects: Shawl at waist, $14, Claire's Choker, $14, 'ZAD, Earrings, $10; bracelets, $8 and $12; My Generation.

Strech denim jacket $48, GLO Jeans Halter tunic, $28, Lani. Cargo pants, $48, Dickies Girl. Sunglasses, $12, Capelli New York. Watch $40, Swatch. Baby Love Word earrings, $15 UCCICUCCI.

Left: Top, $40, Blue Plate. Micro-suede bungee-cord cargo pants, $42, Kikgirl, Earrings, $8. bangles $6 each: My Generation. Wedge sandals, $65. Hot Kiss. Beaded LOVE purse, $68. KC Malhan, Right. Blouse, $49. Tommy Jeans. Floral print lace-up tank, $18. Union Bay. Cropped surplus cargo pants, $59. DKNY Jeans Juniors. Espadrilles, $69. Seychelles. Pearls, Richelieu. Watches, $40 each, Swatch.

Left: Shirt, $49, Tommy Jeans. Flight skirt, $42, kikgirl Painted coconut shell belt $12, Designs by Skaffles. Embroidered cuff bracelet, $8 earrings, $8; My Generation Necklace, $15, ZAD Socks, $6, Steve Madden for Renter Hosiery Ballet flats, $2 gapezip Right Shirt $44 D.O. Jeans Juniors. T-shirt $16. Classic Girl by American Apparel. Bungee-cord cargo Skirt, $32, Union Bay. Embroidered cuff bracelet, $8, My Generation. Pearl earrings, $10, Richelieu. Espadrilles, $69, Seychelles.
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Publication:Girls' Life
Date:Feb 1, 2003
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